Northdoor GDPR Executive Briefing

Half Day briefing session to guide executives through the key features of the regulation and help them understand its potential impact

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GDPR Executive Briefing 

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How Northdoor can help

The Northdoor GDPR Executive Briefing is a fully facilitated half-day workshop designed to engage senior management stakeholders on the challenges posed by GDPR, and the benefits of proactively meeting the requirements.

The GDPR Executive Briefing provides a succinct overview of the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR, highlights potential barriers and complexities within your organisation, and helps executives guide the business towards compliance.

Northdoor will develop a tailored briefing session to include the following core topics:

Data privacy overview and assessment of impacts on your organisation
  • Overview of privacy concepts and definitions, examination of key relationships and how privacy applies to the organisation’s footprint and data-processing activities.
Privacy ROI: seeing data privacy as an asset not a liability
  • A look at the positive effects of data protection and privacy management that bring tangible returns, including increased consumer trust, reduced risk, and enhanced records management.
Domestic and global data privacy risks and trends impacting businesses
  • Overview of the GDPR and other key legislation
  • Risks, fines, penalties and legal action: facilitated group discussion about privacy risks to your organisation, with examples of recent legal cases, fines and penalties involving organisations similar to your own.
Building a response programme
  • GDPR Governance: overview of the key components of a GDPR management system and suggested approaches to begin a GDPR governance programme
  • Discussion of applicability to the organisation and review of industry benchmarks
  • Establishing goals and objectives: open discussion on high-level management goals and priorities, and the creation of a draft document detailing agreed short-, mid- and long-term GDPR-compliance goals
  • Measurable success objectives: set measurable objectives underlying stated goals, ensure success criteria can be set and achieved
  • Planning and team development: identify future milestones, next steps, and options for conducting a deeper assessment of strategic priorities. Formalise the privacy structure within the organisation with identified members and defined roles / responsibilities.
Key outcomes of your GDPR Briefing
  • Engage senior stakeholders and equip them with GDPR knowledge
  • Initial identification of key risks and opportunities
  • The foundation of a GDPR response programme tailored to your organisation and exclusive to your team
  • Promote organisational understanding of the business benefits of building a strong GDPR compliance programme, and awareness of the risks for failing to do so
  • Develop a foundation for more effective decisions around customer and employee data usage
  • Secure internal buy-in to compliance objectives so you can acquire the resources you need
  • Gain competitive advantage by making GDPR a priority and partnering with a GDPR specialist.
Who should attend?

 We recommend this briefing for key stakeholders and senior management. Attendees are likely to include:

  • CPO or DPO
  • Privacy Champions
  • CIO / CISO and their teams
  • Senior Executives
  • Senior HR Professionals
  • Business Line Leaders
  • Legal Advisors

Our half-day GDPR Executive Briefing is tailored to meet your needs and delivered by expert Northdoor consultants at your offices.

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