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What is GDPR?

On the 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced by the European Union, came into effect.

The GDPR regulations aim to revamp the laws that govern the handling of personal data. It seeks to create a co-ordinated framework for data protection across the EU states, with much tighter controls over those who host and process personal data.

According to the new regulations, personal data is defined as “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person”. Such a wide-ranging definition means that businesses have to be careful when reviewing and classifying the data they store.

Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham talks about how GDPR is an issue for the boardroom.

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Northdoor GDPR Compliance Solutions

We offer a systematic review of the systems and practices which exist within your company and make appropriate recommendations for moving forward under the new guidelines, providing a clear checklist of actionable steps to take.

Northdoor can provide an integrated set of tools that work in acquiring and upholding control over all the relevant data throughout your business, regardless of whether it is stored across your local or cloud infrastructure.

Automation, integration and continual monitoring govern our approach so that GDPR solutions can be achieved in a quick, smooth and auditable way.

Not sure where to start?
In this article we outline the key obligations and propose six steps to help you kick-start the compliance process.

Six steps towards GDPR compliance

Hit the ground running

With continuing concern over the complexity around GDPR, Northdoor has created a bespoke approach to work with clients on a programme of workshops designed to explain, define and assess a company’s GDPR plans.

To help businesses understand and address their obligations under GDPR, Northdoor has created ‘GDPR Rapid  Response – a consultancy-led engagement model backed by deep technical expertise.  The GDPR Rapid Response offering usually starts with a top-level overview for senior stakeholders called the GDPR Executive Briefing, and then proceeds to the Northdoor Quick Start Assessment Workshop, which goes into more depth and helps you take practical steps towards compliance.

With solutions covering Data Discovery (structured and unstructured), Business Workflow Analysis, Encryption, Data Access and Management, Subject Access Requests, Data Masking, Mobile Device Management, managed Data Privacy Officer services, Third Party/processor security risk and compliance and Breach Reporting, we are in a strong position to work with you to provide an end-to-end solution for GDPR.

Rapid Response Programme

To find out how Northdoor’s Rapid Response offering around GDPR adoption can help you achieve and maintain compliance rapidly, efficiently and at low cost, contact us

GDPR industrialisation – eight key services from Northdoor

For many companies, the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 was the culmination of years of effort to create a fit-for-purpose compliance programme. However, this should be seen more as a starting point than a conclusion: companies must now ensure that they execute policies and best practices efficiently and effectively on a day-to-day basis.

Northdoor offers a comprehensive set of services designed to help you industrialise GDPR compliance by embedding it as a seamless function within your business.

Industrialisation services from Northdoor

Building on expert knowledge of both enterprise data management and legislation, Northdoor has created a suite of eight services around the GDPR.

  1. GDPR Programme Audit
  2. Data Discovery Solution
  3. Third-party Compliance Solution
  4. Subject Access Requests Solution
  5. Encryption Solution
  6. Data Masking Solution
  7. Data Protection Advisory Service
  8. Breach Reporting Solution

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Northdoor System of Record for GDPR and DPA 2018

Simplify and accelerate GDPR documentation

For businesses seeking a fast, simple and cost-effective approach to documenting processes within the scope of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, Northdoor offers an adaptable toolset built on standard Microsoft Office software.
The Northdoor GDPR System of Record combines custom software, templates, training, ongoing development and support in a single service.

By simplifying and accelerating the maintenance of statutory documentation around the GDPR and other regulations such as the UK’s DPA 2018, the Northdoor solution saves significant time and effort, and frees valuable employee resources from the burden of gathering and managing data.

Key functionality

The Northdoor GDPR System of Record helps the Data Protection Officer:

  • Catalogue personal-data processes at the right level of detail
  • Capture process information and add information on GDPR requirements
  • Generate Article 30 reports on demand
  • Run lightweight PIA risk assessments across all processes

Provide a measured risk-based approach and documentation for DPIA assessments particularly for smaller organisations, the Northdoor solution helps reduce risk while freeing up valued employees to focus on more profitable activities. By documenting findings in a clear and structured manner, the solution creates transparency both for GDPR auditors and for the business itself.

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GDPR Services

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Cyber Security – Implications for the insurance industry

Hear from a panel of insurance professionals and thought leaders including KPMG, Chubb, QBE and Northdoor on a webinar topic of “Cyber Security – Implications for the Insurance Industry”.


  • Moderator: Will Pritchett, Partner, KPMG
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  • Speaker: Michael Fitzgibbon, Chief Underwriting Officer, Slice
  • Speaker: Darren Craig, Managing Partner, Northdoor plc
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On-demand Webinars

Webinar: After the GDPR Enforcement Date: Myths, Realities, and What To Do Now

In this webinar, guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo examines the impact of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which rewrites privacy rules and converts privacy as a human right to a force of market disruption.

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Webinar: Meeting the challenges of your third-party GDPR processor requirements

If you’re struggling to determine your exposure to third-party data risk, and you missed our recent webinar with the Direct Marketing Association, find out about the Northdoor approach to compliance by reading our blog and watching our on-demand webinar.

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It’s not too late to start your journey to GDPR readiness

Getting the right GDPR solution for your organisation is a team effort, there are so many factors to consider – things like personal data governance, personal data mapping and information lifecycle management. Get the 5 ‘Key General Data Protection Regulation Obligations’ infographic

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