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Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop

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Organisations of all types and sizes in the UK need to ensure compliance with the GDPR and/or related UK-specific data protection regulations. The first step is to understand how these regulations on data privacy and protection impact your operations and use of data. You then need to determine the risks and shortcomings inherent in your current approaches, and create an action plan to meet the new requirements.

Drawing on expert knowledge in both data processing and privacy laws, Northdoor offers a structured approach to helping you tackle the challenges of the GDPR and related legislation – and unlock the potential benefits of doing so.

What is the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25 May 2018. Designed to streamline data privacy law across Europe and better protect the privacy rights of all EU citizens, the GDPR has dramatically changed data protection. With financial penalties for non-compliance potentially running into tens of millions of euros, all businesses, large and small, need to understand the impact of the regulation on their activities and achieve compliance.

How Northdoor can help

The Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop is a fully facilitated one-day workshop to initiate an internal review of your data protection practices. This expert-led workshop will guide you through the relevant regulations and help you launch a comprehensive response.

Representing an ideal opportunity to engage senior management and key stakeholders, the GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop introduces the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR, highlights potential barriers and complexities within your organisation, and helps you understand how to overcome these obstacles.

The workshop is tailored to each organisation’s specific needs and cover the following core topics:

GDPR overview and impact assessment
  • Background on EU and UK privacy frameworks
  • Comprehensive overview of the GDPR and other legislation, including key regulatory objectives
  • Detailed overview of the requirements and how they may impact your current data handling processes
Data protection and privacy: risks and penalties
  • Overview of privacy concepts and definitions, examination of key relationships and how privacy applies to the organisation’s footprint and data-processing activities
  • Facilitated group discussion about privacy risks to your organisation
  • The GDPR hierarchy: overview of regulation of the GDPR, including its supervisory authorities, courts and the European Data Protection Board
  • Analysis of organisational risk under the GDPR, including a review of your organisation’s current data protection and privacy processes
  • Full overview of fines and penalties for non-compliance, with examples of recent legal cases involving organisations similar to your own.
Building a GDPR response programme
  • Insight into the key components of an effective privacy management system, exploring appropriate approaches for your organisation to begin its own privacy governance initiative
  • An overview of assurance mechanisms, certifications, frameworks, and tools used by organisations to manage privacy risk related to the GDPR
  • Industry-benchmark review and discussion into the applicability of key GDPR components
  • Open discussion on high-level management goals and priorities, and the creation of a draft document detailing agreed short-, mid- and long-term GDPR-compliance goals
  • Assistance in setting measurable objectives and key milestones to support over-arching goals, ensuring identification of achievable success criteria
  • Formalisation of your internal privacy structure, identifying key staff and responsibilities.
Key outcomes of your GDPR workshop
  • Improved knowledge and understanding of data privacy issues and the requirements of the GDPR among your senior stakeholders
  • Ability to quickly identify key GDPR risks and opportunities
  • Creation of a tailored GDPR project action plan setting out key organisation-specific points for consideration.
Benefits of the Northdoor GDPR Quick Start Assessment Workshop

On completing our one-day workshop, you will be well-positioned to champion the benefits of developing robust privacy processes that meet GDPR and other legislative requirements within your organisation, and you will be able to explain the risks of non-compliance. Other benefits include:

  • Development of a process for more effective decision-making around data usage
  • Internal buy-in to privacy objectives so you can acquire the resources you need
  • Enhanced competitive advantage through better stewardship of personal and private data relating to employees, partners and customers.
Who should attend?

 We recommend this workshop for all key stakeholders and senior management. Attendees are likely to include:

  • CPO or DPO
  • Privacy Champions
  • CIO / CISO and the wider IT team
  • Senior Executives
  • Senior HR Professionals
  • Business Line Leaders
  • Legal Advisors
Workshop delivery

This one-day interactive workshop is tailored to meet your needs and delivered by expert Northdoor consultants at your offices. Northdoor then works off-site for a further two days to document and present back the findings.

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To find out how Northdoor can help you achieve and maintain compliance with data protection regulations faster and more effectively, please contact us to arrange a workshop.

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