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What is IBM

Organisations struggle to make use of data for AI.  IBM watsonx is a platform designed to scale and accelerate the impact of AI with trusted data.

Watsonx is built with three core capabilities:

  • – to train, validate, and tune AI models
  • – to scale AI workloads for all your data, anywhere
  • watsonx.governance – to enable responsible and transparent AI

AI starts with your data and how it is stored, managed, and governed in order to be trusted and scalable.

The IBM is the industry’s only open data store that enables you to leverage multiple query engines to run governed workloads, wherever they reside, resulting in maximised resource utilisation and reduced costs.

Built on a data lakehouse architecture, IBM allows you to access all your data through a single point of entry across all clouds and on-prem environments, and you can get started in minutes with built-in governance, security, and automation.

Retain existing analytics revenue and expand to new workloads

It’s no question we are in a new era for AI. AI adoption has more than doubled since 2017.
Generative AI and foundation models are making massive AI scalability possible. But in order to actually scale AI, there is still a fundamental need for data to be consumed and managed differently across environments.

Data is stored in multiple locations, applications, and clouds, leaving 82% of organisations inhibited by data silos. To add even more complexity to these problems, the uses of data have become more varied – with data in varying and complex forms but also in poor quality.

We also know that it’s about to get worse. IDC states that stored data is expected to grow 250% by 2025.


Leaders must re-think ineffective data architectures and manage the costs of storing growing data volumes, all while ensuring proper governance to streamline access across all data sources. Enterprises are consistently constrained by running workloads in performance and cost-inefficient data ecosystems and are inhibited by their deployment options.

The IBM is the industry’s only open, hybrid, and governed data store optimised for all data, analytics and AI workloads, built on a data lakehouse architecture.

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Built in the new studio for foundation models, generative AI and machine learning with

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How IBM Watsonx uses AI to transform business

An overview of how IBM Watsonx leverages artificial intelligence to optimise processes enhance customer experiences and drive innovation across industries.

AI transformation in business

Scale AI workloads for all your data, anywhere

Reduce the cost of your data warehouse by 50%* with multiple engines and low cost storage:
Optimise costly warehouse workloads using fit-for-purpose engines that scale up/down automatically with your needs. Utilise simple object storage to store vast amounts of data at fractions of the cost of traditional block storage.

Access and maintain a single copy of data across data warehouses and data lakes:
Share large volumes of data through integrated metadata, multiple engines, and open table format built for high performance analytics. Transform your data and serve it to your end users with a single copy of your data in the same repository without data
movement or duplication.

Built-in governance and access controls to ensure right users are authorised to access right data at right time, enabling the foundation for better data governance. Directly integrate with IBM’s central governance capabilities and automatically
enforce global governance policies in

Designed with open-source and interoperability with a robust ecosystem of IBM and 3rd party technology to enable easy development and deployment of your analytics workloads.

Configure and connect to storage and analytics environments in minutes: 
Lakehouse users can get started quickly with the ability to connect to any storage and analytics environment across the hybrid cloud in minutes. Use a simple “click-and-go” console to ingest, access, and transform governed data and run workloads wherever your data lives. IBM is readily accessible via Software as a Service on IBM Cloud or AWS or as a containerised software.

Northdoor on-demand webinar:
Unleashing the power of AI: How IBM Watsonx transforms business

Discover how IBM Watson’s revolutionary AI transforms businesses. This event explores Watson’s cutting-edge capabilities in optimising processes, enhancing customer experiences, and innovating industries.

Speakers Anjela Ubogu of Northdoor and IBM’s Brendan Buckingham detail Watson’s powerful AI platform that drives innovation and efficiency—crucial in today’s fast-paced business landscape. With unparalleled technology, Watson emerges as a transformative force across diverse sectors. Don’t miss this insightful look into leveraging AI to unlock new potential.  This blog summarises the key insights on leveraging AI in business shared during the webinar.

The data store for AI

AI starts with your data and how it is stored, managed, and governed in order to be trusted and scalable., built on a data lakehouse architecture, can help you significantly reduce the cost of your data warehouse by up to 50%, while simplifying access to governed data for AI.

IBM watsonx datasheet

IBM is the next evolution of data lakehouses. It is the industry’s only open, hybrid, and governed data store that enables you to leverage multiple query engines to run analytics and AI workloads – wherever they reside!


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