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19th September 2023Insight VideosAnjela Ubogu

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AI Insights to unlock your business potential

The webinar “Unleashing Business Potential with AI” brought together experts from IBM and Northdoor to discuss practical applications of artificial intelligence for enhancing business operations and customer experiences.

Hosted by Anjela Ubogu from Northdoor, the webinar provided insights from IBM’s Brendan Buckingham on how organisations can leverage AI to solve real-world challenges.

With Brendan’s deep technical knowledge and decades of experience, the webinar explored AI use cases for improving customer service, marketing, HR, healthcare and more. Attendees gained valuable takeaways on how leading companies are infusing AI to uncover new opportunities for innovation and growth.

Leveraging IBM’s AI expertise

IBM’s remarkable journey in the realm of AI dates back to 1947, granting them unparalleled expertise in AI research. Over the years, IBM has achieved several groundbreaking milestones, from the famous chess-playing supercomputer Deep Blue to recent collaborations with NASA for floodplain and climate change monitoring using AI and satellite data.

This extensive experience in real-world AI deployments has equipped IBM with crucial insights into ethics, governance, and the development of trustworthy AI systems. Notably, their new generative AI models are meticulously curated to mitigate issues like profanity and bias.

Moreover, IBM adopts a collaborative “co-creation” approach, partnering closely with clients over 4-6 weeks to build customised MVP AI solutions tailored to specific business objectives, with their robust client engineering team fine-tuning use cases to ensure maximum value.

Transforming the customer service experience

AI is driving significant advancements in customer service by introducing AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants capable of efficiently addressing complex queries. This reduces the need for issue escalation and eliminates customer frustration caused by extended wait times for responses.

Larger enterprises can extend these conversational AI tools directly to customers, offering self-service agents proficient in multiple languages and available round-the-clock. The result is enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced support costs.

AI-powered content creation for marketing

AI profoundly impacts marketing and sales teams, particularly in content generation. Retailers can leverage AI tools to automate the creating of engaging product descriptions tailored to their ever-changing catalogues and customer preferences.

This automated approach saves time compared to manual content creation, especially when dealing with frequently updated product listings. Furthermore, AI enables hyper-personalised recommendations and promotions for each customer. For instance, a chatbot on a pharmacy website can provide personalised suggestions for products related to a customer’s upcoming travel plans.

An AI assistant for HR and employee support

IBM has implemented an AI virtual assistant named “AskHR” to enhance the employee experience. This intuitive platform integrates data from multiple internal systems and offers a straightforward chat interface for employees to obtain rapid answers to their queries. This eliminates the need for employees to wait for responses from busy HR staff, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly HR environment.

Organisations across various industries can adopt similar solutions to provide 24/7 support for various HR issues, enabling employees to focus on core tasks rather than administrative burdens.

Making knowledge workers more productive

Access to data-driven insights is increasingly critical for knowledge workers. However, many lack the skills and tools to harness this information effectively. Conversational interfaces, powered by generative AI, provide an intuitive solution for employees to pose questions and receive natural language responses backed by internal data sources. This accessibility enhances productivity by connecting workers with a wealth of institutional knowledge while expanding the capabilities of less experienced team members.

Real-world examples and POC offer

In addition to discussing business use cases, Brendan emphasised the impact of AI in healthcare and drug discovery. IBM Watson AI is already contributing to improved patient outcomes in these fields.

Anjela also shared a success story of using machine learning to automate 96% of clinical coding for hernia operations, highlighting the tangible benefits of AI implementation.

The webinar concluded with an exciting offer: IBM and Northdoor invite organisations to propose an AI proof-of-concept tailored to their specific needs, completely free of charge. This represents a remarkable opportunity to explore the potential of AI firsthand. For more information about this, please get in touch with Anjela Ubogu. 


The key takeaway from this webinar is clear: AI and generative technologies hold the potential to revolutionise various aspects of business operations.

AI is no longer a distant concept; it is a practical and powerful tool available today for those ready to embrace its possibilities.

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