Cost-Effective and Compliant Microsoft Software Licensing

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Software licensing is a key part of the IT strategy and function. An efficiently managed software estate can have a significant impact on your business performance as well as your bottom line.

Licensing Microsoft software can be complex considering the wide array of Microsoft products and the different licensing options. The multitude of rules and regulations make it essential to have specialist advice and support when it comes to licensing your Microsoft software.

How can Northdoor help?

Northdoor is an IT consultancy specialising in Microsoft technologies. We help clients to make the most of their Microsoft investment with a suite of services tailored to their business requirements. As a leading Microsoft partner in the UK, we can advise customers on the best way to license and manage their Microsoft software. Where a Select or Enterprise Agreement is the most appropriate, we can assist you through our Enterprise licensing partner Bytes.

Northdoor can help you:

  • Identify the most suitable software to meet the needs and objectives of your business
  • Advise on the most cost-effective and flexible ways to license your Microsoft software
  • Implement the required Microsoft technology and support or manage it for you

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