Northdoor partners with Skytap to help organisations get business critical applications into the Microsoft Azure cloud

26th October 2021NewsJames Cherry

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Skytap and Northdoor partnership

Northdoor and Skytap enter into a partnership to help customers migrate their IBM Power workloads to Microsoft Azure.

Northdoor plc and Skytap are delighted to announce a new strategic relationship which will offer organisations unrivalled levels of expertise in moving business critical applications that still reside in on-premises data centres into cloud environments.

In the midst of the mass migration to cloud environments, some critical business applications, been left behind. Applications, such as those running on IBM i and AIX, are often considered too complicated and expensive to move. However, with Skytap such applications can now be migrated more easily, allowing companies to realise the benefits of operating fully from a cloud environment.

Migrate existing applications to the cloud with minimal risk

Skytap eliminates the time, risk and expenditure of having to re-write applications to run in the cloud. Other benefits of Skytap include;

  • Replication of entire data centres – from applications to networking configurations – in the cloud
  • Self-service for instant access and self-provision of as many production-quality environments as needed
  • Consumption based pricing, allowing you to pay only for the actual resources used
  • Reliable, flexible global infrastructure with 99.95% availability SLA

The partnership will allow companies to get the best out of the Skytap cloud solution with the expertise of Northdoor consultants.

Neil Holloway SVP Business Development at Skytap commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Northdoor plc. Our solution allows companies to take core business applications into cloud environments and out of their on-premises servers in a secure and cost-efficient manner.” For the many organisations that rely on IBM Power for mission critical workloads, having a simpler, faster and less risky path to the public cloud is a compelling proposition.  “By combining the respective expertise of Skytap and Northdoor,  we can smooth the transition and better help our customers reap the benefits of cloud migration.”

“The expertise and experience of Northdoor plc consultants helping companies with their cloud migration, plus the relationship they have with both Microsoft and IBM, made them the stand-out choice as a UK partner. We’re looking forward to working with the Northdoor plc team and helping companies realise the benefits of running all their applications in the cloud.”

James Cherry, CTO at Northdoor plc said: “ We are excited to partner with Skytap to bring these offerings to our clients. Holding Gold Status across four different Microsoft Partner categories really helps us stand-out from the crowd. We have delivered Microsoft solutions to hundreds of organisations across multiple verticals and so have huge amounts of experience.”

“Helping clients migrate applications running on AIX or IBM i to Microsoft Azure with Skytap can make a real difference to our clients and could be a real game changer for them.”

Tom Richards, Systems and Storage Practice Lead at Northdoor plc also highlighted the relationship with IBM as another factor in making the relationship with Skytap a strong one. “We have been an IBM Business Partner since 1989 and now hold Platinum status, the highest of IBM accreditations. Like our relationship with Microsoft, the experience we have in helping companies get the most from their IBM Power Systems workloads is second to none. The Skytap solution will allow customers to move their core business applications from on-premises to the cloud.”

“Once in the cloud the nature of our services mean that we will continue to work with customers to ensure that they are able to unlock real value from running these core applications in the cloud – especially around the added flexibility afforded to them around DevOps, flexible consumption and automation” Richards concluded.

Northdoor’s solution for Skytap on Azure

To find out more about the Skytap solution from Nothdoor please click here: 

The Northdoor and Skytap partnership offers unrivalled expertise in running on-premises IBM Power workloads in their native format on Microsoft Azure Click To Tweet

About Skytap

Skytap is a cloud service purpose-built to natively run traditional systems in Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. As the best cloud service to support AIX, IBM i and Linux on IBM Power together with x86, Skytap makes it easy to evolve traditional workloads by rapidly migrating them to the cloud.  Skytap’s cloud environment simplifies management, reduces IT costs, speeds up application development, and allows organisations of all sizes to modernize at the pace of their business.

About Northdoor plc.

Northdoor is an award-winning, IT consultancy firm in London that helps organisations drive value from their business assets. With over 30 years of experience serving blue-chip companies, Northdoor holds multiple accreditations from the largest of technology vendors including Microsoft and IBM. They offer design, implementation, and support services via our own internal technology practices which include Data Platform, Collaboration, Cloud Computing, Security, BI & AI, and Applications.

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