Skytap: run your IBM Power workloads natively in the cloud

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Simple, low-risk modernisation for your mission-critical IBM Power landscape

Maintaining critical applications on IBM Power can be challenging.
How do you ensure ongoing access to the right skills?
How do you justify ongoing capital investments?
How do you manage business continuity in a cost-effective way?

By working with Northdoor to migrate your existing AIX, i and Linux workloads from on-premises servers to IBM Power servers in the cloud, you can benefit from:

  • fully managed services backed by highly skilled engineers
  • affordable monthly fees with the ability to expand or shrink your footprint
  • a low-risk route to a flexible, lower-cost future
  • easy, economical disaster-recovery options
  • rapid provisioning of new Power resources as and when you need them
  • the ability to manage Power and x86 workloads side-by-side.

Skytap is a cloud service that natively runs IBM Power workloads on your choice of Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. Backed by expert migration and management services from Northdoor, Skytap empowers you to move mission-critical applications from your data centre into the public cloud – unlocking cost savings, flexibility, and access to expert managed services.

Get in touch today to arrange a demonstration or full proof-of-concept for Skytap from Northdoor. It’s a fast, low-risk, high-reward way to modernise your IBM Power landscape while reducing costs.

Why you should consider Skytap for your Power landscape

There are multiple scenarios in which moving IBM Power workloads to the cloud offers tangible benefits.

As expert skills become harder to find—particularly if you don’t require a full-time Power administrator—moving to the cloud makes it easy to outsource to a expert managed service provider like Northdoor. You can then focus on running the application rather than the underlying technology.

If you have a relatively small—but still critical—Power environment, you are likely to be overspending on the latest hardware. Moving to the cloud enables you to carve out the right-sized environment for your workload, and to swap high capital costs for predictable and low monthly service fees.

For many organisations pursuing a cloud-first strategy, migrating x86 workloads is easy. Skytap from Northdoor brings the same ease to Power migrations, cutting the risk and hassle. What’s more, you can manage your cloud Power environment alongside your cloud x86 environment and take advantage of high-speed virtual networking to share data between them.

If you want or need to keep your production Power server in-house, why not cut costs by replacing your physical DR server with a virtual resource in the cloud? Similarly, less critical workloads such as test and development are ideally suited to the flexibility, rapid provisioning and low costs of the cloud.

Northdoor can help you understand and exploit the opportunities inherent in your on-premises Power landscape—contact us today to find out more.

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Immediate benefits and ongoing managed services

By engaging Northdoor to migrate your existing IBM Power workloads—whether AIX, i or Linux—to Skytap, you eliminate the time, risk and expense of needing to re-engineer your applications for the cloud. We can help you replicate your existing architecture in the cloud, so that you can immediately benefit from consumption-based pricing, self-service provisioning, capacity on-demand, and high-availability options.

Skytap is available in multiple geographies—with options for cross-regional backup and failover—and offers dedicated, high-speed connections from your premises to the cloud, and between the different parts of your cloud landscape.

Northdoor offers expert managed services with customisable SLAs up to full 24/7 support for your Power stack in the cloud, backed by the assurance of our IBM Platinum Business Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner status. Once you’ve migrated to the cloud, we can help you optimise and modernise your Power landscape—for example, by integrating other services on the Azure or IBM Cloud including advanced analytics, automation, AI and machine learning.

Contact Northdoor today to arrange a demonstration or POC. We’ll show you how migrating your IBM Power workloads to run natively on Skytap can boost your flexibility, reduce your costs, and accelerate your modernisation and transformation initiatives.

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On-demand webinar: Migrate Traditional Workloads with Skytap on Azure

Skytap on Azure helps simplify cloud migration by reducing risk, complexity, and disruption to business continuity. Join this webinar to learn how Skytap on Azure enables you to run traditional workloads including AIX, IBM i, Linux on IBM Power, and x86 natively on Azure.

This webinar covers:

  • How to move your traditional IBM Power and x86 workloads to the cloud with Skytap on Azure
  • Typical use cases for Skytap on Azure and how to integrate to Azure services
  • A demonstration of Skytap on Azure in action.

Watch the Skytap webinar 

Case Study

How TCM Living boosted resilience with IBM Power in the cloud from Northdoor and Skytap.

Find out how Northdoor helped TCM Living boost resilience for its AIX systems with a native IBM Power landscape in the Skytap cloud.

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