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Tape storage: reliable data protection and long-term retention

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Enterprise Tape

IBM System Storage enterprise class tape products are designed to offer high performance, availability, reliability, and capacity. IBM’s enterprise class storage products provide on-demand solutions for business.

TS4500 Tape Library: Combines IBM automation and drive technology to provide an automated, highly scalable tape library that can scale from mid-range to enterprise environments. LTO Ultrium, IBM 3592 and TS11xx families of tape drives are offered.

Mid-range Tape

For businesses challenged with rapidly growing data backup needs and limited physical space for a tape library, IBM Storage offers simple solutions with extensive expansion options as processing needs grow.

TS4300 tape library: Allows you to start small with just a single 3U-high library. Over time, as your need for tape backup expands, you can add up to six 3U expansion modules, each of which contains space for additional cartridges, tape drives and a redundant power supply.

The TS4300 supports LTO6, 7 and 8 tape technology.

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