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30th August 2019Blog

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Do you know where all your sensitive data resides?

This short video presents the Northdoor solution for automated data discovery, classification, and remediation.

Under the GDPR, organisations must respond within one month to requests from individuals for access to their personal data.  For many organisations, these Subject Access Requests represent a major drain on IT staff resources, requiring time-consuming and labour-intensive searches through numerous sets of structured and unstructured data. And in more general terms, the typical way in which data is spread across multiple internal, external and third-party systems is both a risk and a missed opportunity for organisations.

The data challenge

In the information age, it is often said that data is the lifeblood of any organisation. However, the proliferation of different internal and cloud-based information stores may mean that this vital resource is spread in an unclear and uncontrolled way across multiple systems. How can employees understand and make full use of the organisation’s sensitive data resources? How can the organisation respond in a timely, accurate and efficient way to legal requests for data? And how can executives reduce the potential risk of data breaches?

 The Northdoor solution for Data Discovery and SAR’s

The Northdoor solution for automated data discovery, classification and remediation empowers organisations to understand the data they hold throughout its full lifecycle, regardless of how and where it is stored. Offering intuitive, wizard-driven interfaces, the solution makes it easy for organisations to set up clear rules and policies, dynamically discover and classify both existing and incoming data, and gain certainty around what they hold and where.

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