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Automated Discovery, Classification & Remediation Platform from Northdoor 

Seamlessly enforce sensitive data. Consistent classification makes sensitive data protection uniform.

Dynamically protect data. Classify data automatically to protect it from the moment it exists.

Lower costs. Intuitive, easy-to-use features and predefined policies help minimise the resources devoted to classification.

Assist compliance. Classify and protect files required by governing bodies. Protect corporate reputation.

Automatically search both structured and unstructured data.

the right technology

Take control of sensitive and personal data across multiple systems

Discovering the data you hold

In current systems, data is filed and forgotten across multiple environments, from databases to Dropbox, from SQL to Sharepoint or from GIFS to Images.  Finding information in both structured and unstructured environments is a key puller of any Data Classification project. The ability to search for Personally Identifiable Data is crucial to any organisations GDPR programme. Once found you can begin to classify and then remediate your data and policies.

Classification can be a daunting undertaking. Trying to change user behavior, dealing with an overwhelming number of files and attempting to answer questions about legacy data, ownership, and compliance can tempt even seasoned veterans to postpone this project indefinitely. However, effective classification allows an organisation to determine whether data needs to be retained, where it should be stored, who should have access to it, and what controls must be in place to protect it.

Northdoor’s DDC solution revolutionises this process through automation built upon its unparalleled discovery accuracy. An extensive, automated classification coupled with discovery and monitoring platform dramatically reduces the cumbersome effort required for existing, manual classification programs. With a few clicks, you can create rules to classify locations based on their content, location, and other metadata to enhance your data visibility, send notifications and manage workflows, thereby prioritising the importance of your data.

Easy-to-use, wizard-driven user interface helps you drive classification forward quickly using the rules and policies of your business by providing your own definitions, keywords, or data dictionaries or by using any of the popular templated solutions including those for PCI, PHI, PII, Social Security Numbers, ITAR and other sensitive data types. You can deploy these policies to your users easily, including custom policies for across the organisation or within specific business units.  With a structured, automated classification, you can promote a safe data culture in your organisation that helps protect the business and minimises risk without hindering the work that needs to be done.

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Data Discovery technology 

As part of your data governance strategy, Northdoor can work with you to determine how data discovery technology should fit within the suite of tools needed to govern and manage data across your enterprise.

When you need to identify your documents and data, where they’re located and how they’re linked across systems you need automated tools to help. The solution  offers patented leading-edge capabilities to help you:

  • Discover hidden data relationships to define logical groupings of data (“business objects”)
  • Automate the detection of sensitive data
  • Reverse engineering transformation logic
  • Prototype data consolidation rules for new projects
  • Use heuristics and sophisticated algorithms that automate an otherwise time-consuming manual process.
  • Support for source data discovery of Unicode compliant sources
  • The solution helps organisations understand what sensitive and personal data they hold, enabling faster, more accurate and more efficient responses to Subject Access Requests (SARs) under the GDPR.

Data Discovery is often of fundamental importance to a wide range of projects in business intelligence, data governance, data archiving, and data integration. Data discovery identifies and documents the data you have, where it is located and how it’s linked across systems by intelligently capturing relationships and determining applied transformations and business rules.

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G-Cloud 12 services

With huge volumes of potentially sensitive personal data to manage, many public-sector organisations are challenged by the demands of compliance with the GDPR.
If your organisation is concerned about the cost and difficulty of understanding, classifying and protecting its sensitive data assets, Northdoor can help.

As an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 12 portal, Northdoor offers a range of fast, clear, transparently priced solutions for the discovery, governance and secure management of data. No long procurement cycles or pricing negotiations. Just rapid access to effective solutions backed by expert support.

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