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RiskXchange from Northdoor provides your with a free overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity across 10 key risk factors

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Discover how hackers, partners, and customers see your organisation’s cybersecurity posture from the outside today. Get ahead of the hackers, and see what they see before it’s too late!

RiskXchange offers you a free high-level overview of your organisation’s cybersecurity across 10 key risk factors, including Network Security, Application Security, Patching Cadence and more.

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Get your free RiskXchange account and learn how you compare to your competition when it comes to cyber security!

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RiskXchange takes an external, non-intrusive snapshot of your IT environment. No software needs to be installed in your network and the solution can produce the first report in a matter of hours highlighting any areas of weakness in your cyber security status.

Help keep your enterprise free from the risk of cyber-attacks and allow RiskXchange to effectively manage these threats so you can focus on other daily challenges. Watch this video explaining RiskXchange in more detail, or watch our recent webinars on this solution:

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The Northdoor approach to security

Northdoor provides a comprehensive set of services around information security and works with leading global technology vendors to deploy and manage cyber security solutions.

Understanding that many businesses now run hybrid IT infrastructures split between on-premises, private and public cloud, Northdoor provides solutions that work across all platforms.

By introducing highly automated security solutions, Northdoor helps businesses to protect their critical information assets in a cost-efficient manner.

RiskXchange Awards IT Europa Computin 2019 2020

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