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Our services cover the entire data journey and we have the following key focus areas for our solutions:


In today’s digital age companies are using technology to differentiate their businesses and gain a competitive edge.  From increasing productivity through automation to engaging with customers in new and innovative ways, technology is playing an increasingly critical part in a company’s success.

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Cloud Services

Cloud computing is a model for on-demand compute power and storage, accessible from anywhere. Help your business become more agile with a simple ‘pay for it when I need it’ model, and avoid those heavy infrastructure costs.

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System & Storage

The demands that businesses place on IT are continually rising, so make sure you are getting it right. See how Northdoor are helping clients to drive more efficiency and performance from their IT estate.

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IT Security

Physical and cyber security are now becoming a blended concept with real world implications. See how Northdoor’s extensive security practice could prevent your organisation from being the victim of another breach.

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General Data Protection Regulations

In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), introduced by the European Union, will come into effect. Every business that operates in the EU must efficiently discover, classify, protect and govern the personal data they collect. Our software tools will enable companies of all sizes to meet the new regulations.

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In today’s fast moving world of business there is a need for more efficiency in all areas of an organisation. To achieve this organisations are harnessing the power of data to gain business insights and to make their decision making process as effective as possible.

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Big Data & Analytics

Due to the recent explosion in the volume of data organisations are having to deal with, “Big data” is challenging businesses to harness its potential. Learn how Northdoor are helping customers use their data to gain insight and achieve competitive advantage.

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Collaboration & Productivity

It is very easy to find information online: upload and share photos, tag and find friends. Is it as easy to find this information within your organisation? Often the answer is no. Help solve these problems by using Northdoor’s enterprise content management solutions.

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Artificial Intelligence

By taking advantage of machine learning,  cognitive services, intelligent bots and data science, organisations can bring both scale and speed to the analytics challenge, helping the business predict future outcomes from current data of all kinds, and take a proactive approach.

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With tens, hundreds or potentially even thousands of suppliers to deal with, many organisations are struggling to get to grips with managing their networks of Data Processors. To overcome this challenge, Northdoor proposes a structured approach to sustainable compliance, backed by an advanced machine-learning solution.

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Within each solution we employ some of the leading consultants in their field alongside consultants with industry expertise.

We always AIM to design the best solutions for our customers and to ensure that it continues to be maintained and kept relevant to our client’s needs. For more on our Approach click here.