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Northdoor Solutions

Drawing on decades of experience serving blue-chip companies in the City of London and beyond, Northdoor offers business-focused technology solutions that deliver lasting return on investment.


General Data Protection Regulations

Achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance can be difficult and time-consuming. Northdoor offers accelerators, tools and expert guidance to help companies bring data and processes in line with the regulatory requirements – rapidly, at low cost, and in a sustainable manner for ongoing compliance.

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Applications are a key source of competitive differentiation in the digital age. Northdoor offers specialist solutions for the underwriting industry and for businesses in general to manage risk. We also provide expert design, development, maintenance and support services for both legacy systems and new applications.

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Data & Analytics

Business success increasingly depends on understanding vast amounts of data in real time. Northdoor offers end-to-end solutions for acquiring, processing, storing and analysing both structured and unstructured data. We design, deploy and support on-premises and cloud-based business intelligence environments that bring faster insight to businesses.

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Cloud and On-Premises Infrastructure

Wherever a business chooses to run its applications and store its data – whether on-premises or in the cloud – a stable, secure, reliable and cost-efficient platform is vital. Northdoor designs, builds, runs and supports hybrid infrastructure solutions that deliver the best of both worlds.

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Artificial Intelligence

AI is augmenting human capabilities and bringing success to early adopters. Northdoor offers expert design, delivery and support services to help companies create AI-enriched systems that provide tangible value. From process automation to machine learning, we partner with leading providers to bring new intelligence to enterprises.

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The digital interconnectivity between businesses, partners and customers offers great convenience but creates new security risks. Northdoor provides consultancy and solutions to address cyber crime and other issues, helping businesses to understand the risks they face and to secure their most important data and services.

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Within each solution we employ some of the leading consultants in their field alongside consultants with industry expertise.

We always AIM to design the best solutions for our customers and to ensure that it continues to be maintained and kept relevant to our client’s needs. For more on our Approach click here.