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Data Security, Cyber Attack Protection & Vulnerability Assessments

Northdoor takes a holistic view of data security, aiming to build security into the enterprise at every level and from the ground up, rather than adding it as an after-thought. A layered approach to data security helps prevent loss or unauthorised access to data, while simultaneously making it easier for trusted stakeholders to support business operations and growth.

Northdoor offers comprehensive services to help businesses:

  • Enable simple identity and access management for your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Identity as a Service (IDaaS).
  • Harness deep security insights to protect hybrid and multicloud environments against cyber threats
  • Add advanced encryption services to any email platform to defend against cybercrime
  • Protect users from social-engineering threats with AI-powered anti-phishing solutions
  • Understand where data resides, its relationships and how to data define security and privacy policies
  • Establish and maintain data governance processes and standards
  • Understand and mitigate cyber risks under GDPR and related data-protection regulation
  • Detect database vulnerabilities and harden repositories
  • Manage privileges and authenticate users to limit data access
  • Monitor transactions to enforce policies and capture detailed audit trails
  • Prevent unauthorised database activities
  • Block, quarantine or mask transactions that violate policy
  • Protect sensitive data both at rest and in flight
  • Mask or redact sensitive data in documents and forms for software testing and commercial use
  • Protect databases through a variety of approaches, including masking and encryption.
  • Carry out vulnerability assessments and report on findings.

Who are we doing this for?

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Patient data is often shared by NHS Trusts for research purposes. Particularly in light of the GDPR legislation, it is critical that all personal information be removed from patient records to ensure that individual patients cannot be identified. Traditionally, masking or anonymising records has been a time-consuming, manually intensive process requiring support from IT specialists.

Using a solution developed for the NHS by Northdoor, an NHS Trust deployed a data pseudonymisation application to ensure that all personal data is removed automatically as part of the export process. As a result, a task that required one or two full-time resources is now fully automated while remaining in compliance with NHS regulations.

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While external access to data was properly controlled and documented for a Japanese Bank, there were concerns about the ability to monitor internal user access to privileged information in real time. Northdoor implemented a solution that tracks access and provides audit logs for all users across all data sources, with real-time alerts configured for selected critical applications.

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The Northdoor approach

Northdoor provides a comprehensive set of services around information security and works with leading global technology vendors to deploy and manage cyber security solutions.

Northdoor also offers RiskXchange, an automated, centralised solution for generating and maintaining 360° cyber risk ratings for customers, suppliers and partners.

Understanding that many businesses now run hybrid IT infrastructures split between on-premises, private and public cloud, Northdoor provides solutions that work across all platforms. By introducing highly automated security solutions such as IBM Guardium, Northdoor helps businesses to protect their critical information assets in a cost-efficient manner.

As a G-Cloud 12 approved supplier, Northdoor offers accessible solutions for data discovery, classification, management and masking

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