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Get the inside track on GDPR adoption with a half day tailored briefing session 

27th December 2017Blog

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Need a succinct overview of GDPR for your business?

Get the inside track on GDPR adoption

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 Northdoor offers a half-day executive briefing to help engage senior management stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities presented by the GDPR.

The Northdoor GDPR Executive Briefing is a tailored half-day briefing session to guide executives through key features of the new regulation and help them understand its potential impact.  The briefing introduces the challenges and opportunities of the GDPR, providing a succinct top-level view of the challenges posed by GDPR and the benefits of proactive compliance.

The Executive Briefing covers the following key topics:

  • GDPR overview and impact assessment tailored to your organisation
  • Privacy ROI: a look at the positive effects of data protection and privacy management, including enhanced consumer trust and reduced risk
  • Overview of the key components of a GDPR management system and suggested approaches to begin a GDPR governance programme
  • Establishing management goals and priorities; setting measurable objectives and key milestones to achieving and maintaining compliance.

On completing our half-day workshop, your senior stakeholders will have an improved understanding of data privacy issues and the requirements of the GDPR.

To find out how Northdoor’s expert services around GDPR can help you achieve and maintain compliance rapidly, efficiently and at low cost, contact us to set up a briefing.

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