Major international health insurance company takes control of database security.

How Northdoor helped a client take four easy steps to compliance and gain full control of their database security.

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Achieving a fully hybrid-cloud cyber security environment on IBM CloudPak for Security

Our client is a major international health insurance company with tens of millions of customers worldwide. As a part of their role as a health insurance provider, they hold a lot of highly sensitive information on customers’ health and finances. The company knew that unauthorised access to data had occurred in the past – but did not have full visibility into exactly what data had been accessed, or what had been done with it.

DB Security for patient records

Meeting GDPR, HIPAA and FSA audit standards was proving difficult and time-consuming, because although most employees access data through applications with rigorous security controls, the databases themselves can be directly accessed by technical users with privileged credentials.

Our client needed to understand exactly who, what, where, when, and how structured information held in its most mission-critical databases was being accessed.

Read the full story to understand the four steps this client took to achieve compliance and take control of their database security. 

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