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A multi-layered security shell around your critical data assets

With businesses now dependent on digital capabilities and the data that underpin them, cyber security is a key issue for all organisations. Unexpected downtime for key systems or loss of data can cause huge damage to your finances and your reputation — with customers as well as regulators.

As the number, variety and severity of cyber risks increase and as regulatory pressures mount, large organisations can afford to invest more heavily in sophisticated strategies to detect, isolate and neutralise threats.

For smaller organisations that lack the required internal resources or would prefer to invest in their core business, Northdoor offers cyber security as a fully managed service.

Taking a holistic view of your systems, data, users and the threats against them, we build a shell of security measures around your critical assets — from your core systems out to your integrations with external partners. Speak to us today to find out more.

Cyber security: a large and complex topic

Deploying and managing information technology has become much easier. Many smaller organisations took advantage of “-as-a-service” solutions to rapidly switch to remote working and lockdown trading. But when it comes to cyber security, this may have created a risk of over-confidence.

Cyber security is a large, complex, multi-level topic that is constantly and rapidly evolving. It touches every part of the organisation and its activities, and it demands ongoing expertise in creating, executing and adapting strategies and policies. Every new system must be designed according to best practices and with data security in mind, and organisations must also put in place the appropriate ongoing governance. Today, even the smallest organisations are expected somehow to stay on top of rapidly changing trends in cyber security, to keep users educated about the risks, and to defend their data and systems from internal and external threats.

You could try to develop and maintain the required expertise internally — but is that the best use of your organisation’s time and resources? Building on decades of experience, Northdoor experts take the time to understand your unique business strategy and design a tailored approach to cyber security that addresses your requirements cost-effectively. Click To Tweet

Cyber Security as a fully managed service

Defend your critical data and systems at every level with Northdoor’s cyber security as a service

As a trusted MSSP, Northdoor’s cyber security managed services works across four domains: core, inner, edge and outer.

At your organisation’s core, we design, build and run a secure infrastructure wherever you choose to locate it: on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two.

We design, set up and manage the appropriate governance and compliance controls around these systems and the core data they hold. We deploy automated security controls that ensure users can access only the data appropriate to their role.

We provide your software developers with securely anonymised data so they can build and test applications without putting sensitive data at risk.

In the inner layer, we maintain continuous intelligent monitoring of all users and devices, whatever their location, and we run sophisticated protection for inbound and outbound email that includes real-time alerts to users.

Bringing together security data from all your systems, we detect and respond to incidents and provide a single, clear view of cyber security on your internal network.

At the edge of your organisation, where your internal systems meet the outside world, we continuously scan perimeters and probe for vulnerabilities.

We keep our finger on the pulse so that we can defend you against emerging threats, and we provide penetration testing as a service to help you benchmark your security.

At Northdoor, we go one step further: moving outside your organisation to understand how your supply chain partners and customers may be exposing you to cyber risk.

Our solution makes it fast and easy to carry out due diligence on suppliers, and gives you a real-time view of the extended web of risk that spreads out from your organisation through your partners, their partners, and beyond.

Tailor our managed cyber security service to your business requirements

Northdoor’s managed service for cyber security is comprehensive and modular. We can provide a full service that designs and builds everything you need from the ground up, or we can provide targeted solutions to supplement your existing security measures and practices.

Cyber security is vital, but it needn’t be something that keeps you awake at night. Speak to Northdoor today about our cyber security managed service that fits with your business objectives.

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Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Check out our FAQs section below for more information on our Security as a Managed Service.

The secure managed service integrates security concepts and disciplines into the typical activities of an MSP. The service runbook incorporates additional processes to keep services not only running but also running securely.

Much like a conventional managed service, cost-effective access to a pool of professionals typically unavailable to, or unaffordable by, the typical SME. This is particularly true of security professionals.

Businesses will benefit from state-of-the-art solutions selected from the best vendors, integrated into a service that is designed to offer maximum security and availability.

We look at this from the point of view of defence in depth. We start at the very core with data security, at the database and in the hardware. From there, we secure the business from human-activated risk through email defences – both incoming and outgoing – and we secure desktops, laptops and servers through Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. The edge of the organisation is your interface to the world and is of particular interest to potential hackers. We can provide an external attack surface management service and even Pen Testing as a service. We extend our services to your supply chain, allowing you to assess the attack surface of your suppliers and compare their defences.

Talk to someone who can give you the full breadth of solutions, not just a one-point solution. The threat landscape changes by the day, and you need a partner who can offer you more than just a product.

We do not prescribe that you take all of our managed services, only those that are relevant to you. Each of them may be purchased individually and is aimed squarely at the SME budget.

ISO 27001 and NIST are generally recognised as the key standards in IT Security. All our services are designed to meet elements of these standards.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) and MDR have been hot topics for a while now, but supply chain management, particularly with the oncoming DORA and NIS2 regulations, is a topic that should be near the top of everyone’s list.

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