Managed Services for Microsoft SQL Server

Northdoor provides support for Microsoft SQL Server landscapes, ensuring the underlying technology is monitored, maintained and protected.

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Freedom from worry

Microsoft SQL Server technology helps businesses to extract valuable insights from their data. However, managing and maintaining the underlying data repositories requires specialist technical skills. Northdoor has a dedicated SQL practice that offers a wealth of experience managing all supported versions and components of Microsoft SQL Server.

Comprehensive services

To ensure complete understanding of your systems and applications and identify the critical components, the Northdoor ManageLine engagement begins with a comprehensive audit and review of the installed Microsoft SQL Server environment. Once SLAs are agreed, Northdoor sets up proactive health and performance monitoring to keep your systems in optimal condition.

For businesses with in-house DBA teams, our managed services for Microsoft SQL Server offer the confidence that servers will be monitored and maintained even when key personnel are out of the office. And for businesses without dedicated DBAs, Northdoor provides expert guidance and permanent coverage for less than the cost of one full-time equivalent.

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Why choose Northdoor

With Northdoor Managed Services providing support for their Microsoft SQL Server landscapes, companies can improve their focus on the core business, secure in the knowledge that the underlying technology is monitored, maintained and protected. Northdoor works to keep mission-critical business intelligence systems available and performing optimally at all times, while our economies of scale enable higher quality of service at lower costs than our clients could achieve with the equivalent in-house personnel.

To find out more about Northdoor’s Managed Services offering for Microsoft SQL Server, read our guide.

Ocorian cuts costs and powers global growth with Northdoor Managed Services

“We chose Northdoor for our SQL Server modernisation project for several reasons: they held all of the relevant Microsoft certifications, supported by a proven track record, combined with compelling pricing. In addition, Northdoor could not only handle the rationalisation and implementation, but also run the new environment as a fully managed service.”
Stuart Geddes, IT Director, Ocorian

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