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W. R. Berkley Corporation is a US based financial services company focused on the property and casualty insurance business. It operates in the Lloyd’s market through Syndicate 1967.

When W. R. Berkley entered the London insurance market in 1996, it needed a technology solution that met the local regulatory requirements. It also needed to commence operation rapidly after the approval.

W.R. Berkley selected NdexInsure which is a Lloyd’s and FSA compliant insurance solution. NdexInsure accommodates the sophisticated business logic of the London Market and integrates easily and securely with other applications such as document management and reporting systems. Through selecting NdexInsure, W.R. Berkley has access to a wide range of capabilities including policy administration, claims management, financial ledgers and messaging. Furthermore, NdexInsure also provides the scalability and flexibility that W.R. Berkley needs from IT to growth the business.

Since the launch, the company has doubled in size from £55 million to £150 million. W. R. Berkley Syndicate 1967 have been awarded “Launch of the Year” by Insurance Insider magazine.


  • Enable growth agenda with core business applications
  • Provide the critical business intelligence for underwriting
  • Deliver high quality IT services and applications support

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