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As a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner, Northdoor has the technical skills and experience to help your business transform its data analytics capability with Microsoft Azure cloud computing technologies.

Our experienced team of architects, developers and consultants are ready to work with you to understand your commercial context, explain the potential benefits of the Azure cloud for data analytics, and create a detailed implementation roadmap. Once you’re ready, we can ensure a fast, non-disruptive migration to get you up and running on Azure.

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The free Northdoor Data Analytics workshop will provide your business with:

  • A clear understanding of the benefits of moving data analytics to Azure
  • A roadmap for adoption, with estimated costs and timelines
  • Details of systems implementation and required ongoing investment
  • Exclusive access to an experienced cloud solutions architect for further advice and support

Northdoor has deep expertise in both data analytics and building solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

We can demonstrate the key features and capabilities of the Azure data analytics solution from both the business and the technical perspectives—showing you what you can achieve, as well as the required internal skills and budgets.

In addition to covering all of the various analytics services available on Azure, we can show you how to design and deploy the right data piplines and lifecycle controls.

Building a cloud analytics platform is only half the story; we can also help ensure that your business users understand how to generate actionable insight from data.

With a structured approach to data analytics from Northdoor, your business can quickly start to transform data into competitive advantage.

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