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Enriched Agility, Retention and Insights with IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence
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Data security and compliance efforts must apply across the entire technology landscape, but the landscape keeps changing: Data volumes expand, workloads shift, compliance requirements grow and the processing power required to support it all just keeps getting bigger.

As organizations collect and store more and more security data over time, a series of questions and challenges emerge: How can I optimise my data security architecture and collection process? How can I reduce operational efforts and costs while also achieving faster time to insights? When compliance requirements are layered on top of these concerns, the challenges grow.

You may be looking to improve your audit and analytics results by retaining larger amounts of data over longer time horizons, yet this can come with increased risk, cost and impact to performance. How can you work toward solving these challenges while also drawing deeper insights from the data itself?

In this webinar, we’ll explore how you can empower your data security initiative through collecting, storing and synthesizing your security data in new ways using IBM Security Guardium Big Data Intelligence.

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