Webinar: Valuing data in the age of Ransomware

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What would you do if you found that cybercriminals managed to infect your computer with malware that has encrypted all the files?
Would you pay to get the data back?
How much would you be willing to pay?
Whatever your answer was, you’re likely to pay fivefold that amount.

IBM fielded a consumer and business research study to determine the value people place on data, their awareness, and knowledge about ransomware. The results are alarming. despite high levels of confidence in their ability to protect personal devices, 59% of consumer respondents have not taken any action in the past three months to protect their devices from being hacked.

The survey, which tallies responses from individuals and business executives, provides a clear picture of an overall lack of awareness and preparedness in face of the rising risks of a ransomware attack.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • The risks to consumers and business from ransomware
  • How dangerous and lax attitudes towards ransomware can lead to increased infection risk
  • How to prevent and prepare for a ransomware attack

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