What’s the TRUE Cost of a Data Breach?

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Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020
Key findings and best practices

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Benchmark research sponsored by IBM Security Independently conducted by Ponemon Institue LLC

As the volume of cyberattacks increases, so does the cost of the average data breach on a global level.  The 2020 Cost of a Data Breach Report offers cybersecurity, IT and risk management leaders a detailed view of the root causes and financial and brand impacts of data breaches, based on analysis of hundreds of real security incidents.

To discover the true cost of a data breach, the Ponemon Institute interviewed nearly 500 companies in 15 markets that experienced a breach, uncovered hidden costs associated with data breaches, and examined the nuance that influenced the cost by both market and industry.

  • Understand what proactive and responsive measures organizations can take to help mitigate the potential damages of a data breach, from security automation to incident response planning.
  • Discover new analyses of the impacts of remote working during the COVID-19 crisis, types of records lost, threat vectors of malicious breaches and motivations of threat actors.
  • See what factors amplify the cost of a breach, including security system complexity, skills shortage and cloud migration.
  • Compare industries, regions and widening gaps between organizations who have a strong security posture versus those who do not.
  • Gain insight into how organizations are utilizing their CISO—and how appointing one might impact your costs

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