Northdoor Announces G-Cloud 11 Certification in Cyber and Third-Party Risk Management

Preferred suppliers for public sector and NHS Trusts looking to manage their enterprise and third-party cyber risk exposure.

23rd July 2019Awards

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Northdoor announces G-Cloud 11 Certification for Third-Party Cyber Risk

London, UK, 23 July 2019

Northdoor plc has announced that it has been awarded a place on the G-Cloud 11 supplier list for providing cloud software services to the public sector with its cyber security solution, RiskXchange.

The company has successfully achieved supplier status, which means that it can now offer its compliance solutions to public sector organisations looking to manage their enterprise and third-party cyber risk exposure.

Northdoor’s next-generation real‑time cyber risk intelligence platform provides a simple, automated and centralised risk management approach, that enables organisations with evolving business requirements to conduct business securely in an open, collaborative, digital world.

G-Cloud 11 is a Government initiative targeted at easing procurement for public-sector bodies, including central government, local councils, and NHS Trusts. The initiative helps these organisations to purchase cloud-based services more quickly and efficiently than traditional procurement methods. They support the UK Government’s ‘cloud-first’ strategy by encouraging organisations to evaluate such cloud offerings before considering on-premise alternatives.

Since its inception, the framework has amassed over £4bn worth of sales through the Digital Marketplace, with the majority of business coming from central government (81 percent), as well as the wider public sector (19 percent).

G-Cloud 11 can be used by organisations right across the UK public sector, including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit organisations. The G-Cloud 11 agreement is fully EU compliant and provides easy access to cloud computing services, saving time and money for organisations.

AJ Thompson, Chief Commercial Officer at Northdoor, said:

“With rapid changes in the public sector, innovation and efficiency are key for organisations to be able to implement new technology quickly and effectively. Northdoor is proud to be part of the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace and we’re looking forward to engaging with and helping more public sector organisations achieve their government-regulated IT compliance objectives.

“RiskXchange is a SaaS-based cyber security solution that provides a 360° view of the Enterprise Cyber Risk Posture using AI Machine Learning. A simple, clear and informative dashboard enables senior executives to see in real-time their Enterprise and Third-Party Cyber Risk score position, helping them to make informed and measurable business risk decisions and we are thrilled that organisation will now be able to access our technology using the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace.”

If you are a public sector organisation and would like more information or a demonstration of please contact AJ Thompson or call 0207 448 8500.

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