Rethink the way you buy storage with a pay-as-you-grow strategy

As an IBM Storage Expert, Northdoor can help companies make the most of this new pay-as-you-grow approach to storage procurement.

20th March 2018BlogTom Richards

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Ending the storage procurement struggle

Enterprise data is growing all the time, but storage budgets keep shrinking. So how do you make sure your organisation has the capacity it needs to grow without sending costs soaring?

Traditionally, storage procurement hasn’t been an easy exercise. Your organisation might start by calculating current capacity levels and making a best guess at future requirements. Then, you go through a convoluted procurement process with vendors to get the capacity you need. And once you finally put the new storage in place, you find out that your needs have changed—or weren’t properly mapped out in the first place—leaving you either scrambling to add more capacity or sitting on unused storage.

Does this sound like a familiar story? Well, thanks to IBM, you may be able to turn the page and end the storage refresh cycle for good.

Making a fresh start

With the IBM Storage Utility Offering you can procure storage your way, by paying for capacity only as you consume it. The solution combines the flexibility of a cloud-type, pay-as-you-grow delivery model with the security of on-premises storage.

The IBM Storage Utility Offering uses IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights to accurately predict your upcoming storage needs and delivers all capacity and required software licenses up-front. There’s no incremental buffer capacity to keep updated, which means there’s no need for a vendor to disrupt your data centre operations to top up capacity. What’s more, the solution harnesses IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights to help you better predict and control upcoming storage needs and costs.

Thanks to this new approach, you can re-think the way you buy and manage storage. Gone are the days of hefty up-front costs and long procurement cycles. You pay a predictable quarterly fee for exactly the capacity you use, and you can instantly flex storage up and down depending on demand. This means you can react fast to new business demands, all while keeping storage costs under control.

The IBM Storage Utility Offering is ideal for all industries and organisations and is available across IBM’s storage portfolio including IBM’s new FlashSystem block storage range, IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Tape.

Ready to make the move to a more flexible storage procurement strategy? Northdoor’s IBM Storage experts can work with you to build a business case for investing in the IBM Storage Utility Offering, select and deploy the appropriate systems, and provide ongoing support. To find out more, click here. 

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