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Meeting the demand for storing, protecting and distributing data

Today, data is being created in larger quantities, at a higher rate and in greater variety than ever before. And organisations must store it for longer periods of time to meet business and regulatory requirements. The challenge is how to meet the demand for storing, protecting and distributing all of this data without sending costs spiralling out of control.

Although progress has been made with cloud, flash and software-defined storage technologies, storage procurement remains a pain point for many organisations. It can be difficult to accurately forecast future storage needs—leaving IT teams scrambling to spin up additional storage or letting excess capacity sit idle. What’s more, the typical storage procurement cycle can be a long, complex process, and often brings with it hefty up-front costs.

IBM offers a better way to procure storage capacity with the IBM Storage Utility Offering. The solution is designed to align storage needs to business initiatives and takes the guesswork out of capacity planning, giving you easy access to fast and highly available storage on a powerful pay-as-you-grow  storage model.

After working with you to establish your current and future capacity needs, IBM configures the appropriate storage infrastructure and software. The IBM Storage Utility Offering delivers the entirety of your planned capacity needs on day one but you pay only for what you use, as you use it. You can simply provision the storage up or down as required, and there is no need for a vendor to disrupt your data centre operations to refresh or top up buffer capacity. What’s more, in contrast to offers from other vendors, there is no commitment to consume storage within a set timeframe, avoiding the bulk purchasing of capacity at the end of each contract period, whether required or not.

In addition, the solution utilises IBM Spectrum Control Storage Insights to provide full visibility of your entire IBM storage environment—helping you understand exactly how much capacity you have on which systems, thereby making it easier to predict and control upcoming storage needs and costs.

With the IBM Storage Utility Offering, you pay only for the capacity you use, and can move away from high up-front costs to a predictable quarterly fee that is directly aligned with your usage patterns. As a result, you can avoid over-buying capacity, and can simply provision additional storage as your needs grow, without going through a lengthy procurement cycle.

The IBM Storage Utility Offering is ideal for all industries and organisations and is available across IBM’s storage portfolio including IBM’s new FlashSystem Block Storage range, IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Tape.


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See how Storage Utility Offering brings cloud-like pricing and convenience to on-prem data storage: fast, agile, scalable, cost-effective storage

IBM Platinum Partner

As an IBM Expert Business Partner with Expert status in IBM Storage products, Northdoor can help you rethink your approach to buying storage with the IBM Storage Utility Offering. We can work with you to understand your needs, configure storage that fits these requirements and expertly deploy a solution.

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