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14th June 2021NewsTom Richards

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Note: This blog was written prior to the event.  You can now see a recording of the event by clicking on the link below.

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It’s not always easy to get the latest information on IBM i. Firmly established as the highly available and secure platform for mission-critical applications, it can sometimes be overshadowed by technologies that may require a bit more effort to sell!

Drawing on decades of experience with IBM i and IBM Power Systems, we at Northdoor are getting together with some key IBM experts to bring you all the most important information and updates in our 2021 IBM i webinar.

Drawing on decades of experience with IBM i and IBM Power Systems, we at Northdoor are getting together with some key IBM experts to bring you all the most important information and updates in our 2021 IBM i webinar.… Click To Tweet

In the webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • The strategy and direction of the IBM i roadmap
  • Recent and upcoming new functionality in IBM i
  • How IBM i can provide the foundation for your hybrid cloud strategy
  • New consumption models for IBM i on IBM Power Systems
  • Real-life TCO gains from refreshing Power Systems
  • How POWER10 will transform your capabilities.

Direct from the source

For the Northdoor 2021 IBM i webinar, we’re delighted to welcome two guest speakers from IBM: Alison Butterill and David Spurway.

As Worldwide Offering Manager for IBM i, Alison has overall responsibility for the entire IBM i landscape, including defining and guiding the future direction and strategy. She has worked for more than 30 years in and around mid-range systems at IBM, and is a well-known speaker at industry events and technical conferences around the world. Alison will talk about the strategic roadmap for i, explaining IBM’s long-term commitment to optimising the OS to keep it aligned with a changing world. She’ll also present cool new functionalities that you may not know about, and give an insight into what’s coming next.

As your business adapts to new demands and new models such as hybrid cloud, Alison’s insight will help you understand how to modernise your i landscape to embrace innovation without compromising on your existing availability, security, and ease of management.

David Spurway will bring the benefits of his experience as IBM UK Power Systems CTO, sharing more details on the forthcoming POWER10 architecture. He’ll also talk about some of the exciting new reference architectures for using IBM Power Systems running IBM i at the heart of a hybrid cloud landscape.

Many businesses that use IBM i to run mission-critical applications naturally prefer an on-premises approach that maximises performance, availability, and data security. But there are clear cost and flexibility advantages in a hybrid deployment that allows some workloads – typically test and development – to be moved to owned or rented resources in the cloud. As part of his presentation, David will talk about how i fits neatly into this hybrid world. The IBM Cloud now makes it easy to fire up virtual IBM i environments for use cases like this, helping you ramp up capacity for short-term requirements without needing to over-provision your on-premises environment.

Cut your costs on i

As Practice Lead for Systems and Storage at Northdoor, Tom Richards has spent his entire career architecting and optimising IBM Power Systems environments. During the webinar, Tom will present a detailed real-life TCO study on a Northdoor customer that migrated an IBM i landscape to POWER9 from an earlier generation.

If you want to achieve the same TCO benefits – which are compelling, to say the least! – Northdoor will be offering a free-of-charge TCO study to webinar attendees, backed by a packaged consultancy engagement that will help you understand that best way to modernise and future-proof your IBM i landscape.

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