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There is no AI without IA

The IBM Hybrid Data Management Platform enables you to collect, manage and provide business insights from data sources that span across on-premises, private and public cloud deployments.  Deployments which provide for any workload, OLTP, OLAP, Unstructured or Streamed Data.  The platform as a whole uses a Common SQL Engine with built-in AI and ML features. Purchase IBM FlexPoints and allocate them for entitlement to multiple resources with a single platform subscription.

“No amount of AI algorithmic sophistication will overcome a lack of data (architecture)… bad data is simply paralyzing.”
MIT Sloan

Clearly, Information Architecture needs to meet today’s demand from Analytics.   But, in such a fast-evolving technology will the solution you opt for today be the right solution for tomorrow?

Organisations need an Information Architecture solution which does not lock them into a paradigm of operation.

So, what might such a solution look like?

Support ANY type of data or workload

four-icons -deployment OLAP

Support ANY deployment

All the above components should use a Common AI enabled SQL Engine and a licencing model which allows today’s entitlement to be “flexed” to meet tomorrows demand.

IBM, Hybrid Data Management platforms uniquely provide this solution.

The ability to deploy an Information Architecture which meets future demands, even when those demands are largely unknown, is pioneering in the marketplace.  Removing future uncertainly is enabling organisations to put in place foundational Information Architecture to support initiatives which leverage AI and Machine Learning.  IBM’s commitment to this strategic Hybrid Data Management solution is evidenced by its recently completed $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat. “
Colin Lye (Northdoor 2019)

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