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Consumption models that fit evolving business needs

For too long – data has been held captive within our systems of record.  Isolated by the rigidity of platform/application/workload choices, segregated by business line, business function, and data type or initial usage.

The result is splintered views of segmented data that’s difficult to access on the whole, and impossible to attempt to gain true analytical insight from.

Attempts at data science, machine learning, and deep learning are made moot by the fact that insights are only as good as the access to supporting data – which is too fragmented to provide full value.

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It is clear that workload requirements are highly likely to change over time.  Bridges between each of these data stores provide seamless data integration or application movement.
The Common SQL Engine supports data and application portability.  “Write it once and run it anywhere”

Changes in workload may require changes in compute/storage capability of each data store.  A flexible licence entitlement scheme allows organisations to move entitlement from one workload data store to another.

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