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Total Data Protection

Data security and compliance can be real challenges for organisations with diverse environments, sensitive data scattered across databases, big data and cloud environments, file systems, and more. With IBM Guardium, an end-to-end data security and compliance solution, you can protect your organisation’s sensitive data from a complex and evolving threat landscape.

Northdoor offer IBM Guardium technology as a fully managed service. Northdoor Managed Services for IBM Guardium provides access to expert monitoring and incident management within rigorous SLAs.

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Smarter Data Protection – IBM Security Guardium

As you aim to protect all types of data from growing threats across diverse on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environments, how do you simplify operations while complying with privacy requirements?

Achieve smarter data protection with a unified set of robust controls using the IBM® Security Guardium® family of data security solutions. This powerful platform offers actionable insights, real-time controls, and automated compliance support through:

  • Data discovery and classification
  • Vulnerability scans and risk assessments
  • Data activity monitoring and alerting
  • Encryption, blocking, masking and quarantining
  • Compliance reporting and auditing
  • Advanced data security analytics
IBM Security Guardium
ibm security guardium

5 Epic Fails in Data Security

Read the whitepaper and learn the common data security pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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 Database Security with IBM Security Guardium

IBM InfoSphere Guardium provides the simplest, most robust solution for assuring the privacy and integrity of trusted information in your data center (SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft, Cognos, Siebel, etc.) and reducing costs by automating the entire compliance auditing process in heterogeneous environments.

InfoSphere Guardium encryption is the simplest, most robust solution for continuously monitoring access to databases and automating compliance controls in heterogeneous enterprises.

The solution prevents unauthorised activities by privileged insiders or hackers while monitoring end-users to identify fraud, without any changes to databases, applications or impacting performance.

Automate the security and compliance lifecycle across your entire database infrastructure

InfoSphere Guardium is the most widely-used database activity monitoring solution, providing:

100% visibility into all database transactions – across all platforms and protocols – including those of database administrators (DBAs), developers and outsourced personnel

Monitoring and policy enforcement for sensitive data access, privileged user actions, change control, application user activities and security exceptions

Centralised aggregation and normalisation of audit data from across your database infrastructure for enterprise-wide compliance auditing and reporting, correlation and forensics

A secure, tamper-proof audit trail that supports the Separation of Duties (SOD) required by auditors

Integrated compliance workflow automation, including report distribution to oversight teams, electronic sign-offs and escalations

The broadest heterogeneous support, including database platforms from multiple vendors on all major operating systems

Capabilities to track file sharing activities on major platforms, including Microsoft SharePoint

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