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Business Data and Analytics

Business success depends on making sense of the enormous quantities of data that flow into each organisation daily. This big data must be organised, stored and analysed at high speed so that employees understand how the external world is changing – and what they need to do to keep the business on track.

In the past, analysis was typically retrospective: how did we do last quarter, and what do we need to focus on next quarter? Today, there is growing pressure to predict future performance based on up-to-the-minute data. However, as big data volumes continue to grow exponentially, capturing and understanding information from numerous internal and external sources is becoming an enormous challenge.

To help organisations map out a successful path to the future, Northdoor combines deep technical knowledge with business acumen in a comprehensive set of Big Data and Business Analytics services.

Big Data Management

As the digital revolution continues, all organisations must adapt to avoid being swept away by more agile competitors. Consumers already expect always-on service through the nearest device, and those expectations are now also coming to the B2B world. Organisations need to understand what their markets want and how to personalise services for each customer – both of which depend on rapid analysis of large volumes of structured and unstructured data. Increasingly, vital insight is fragmented across multiple touchpoints and multiple channels, so organisations will need to intelligently piece together clues from numerous sources to see the full picture.

Armed with the right tools to process, store and analyse big data, organisations can confidently predict changing customer preferences, and proactively steer the business to success through data analytics.

data and analytics

Technology hurdles

Not only data volumes but also the number and variety of data sources are increasing. As organisations deploy new applications for employees and build new digital channels for customers, it is becoming harder to gain a clear view of business performance. Decision makers now often spend more time manually consolidating data than analysing it, with the result that they cannot quickly and intelligently respond to changing external conditions.

To boost speed and confidence in decision making, Northdoor helps organisations create automated pipelines to deliver a single version of the truth. Regardless of the source, type or location of data, Northdoor can aggregate, cleanse, personalise and deliver it to business users in real time. This business analytics is invaluable to businesses in planning.

Experienced partner

Building on more than three decades of experience in helping blue-chip organisations manage big data securely and cost-effectively, Northdoor offers a comprehensive set of solutions around data and business analytics. We design, deploy and manage data warehousing, business intelligence and data analytics solutions both in our clients’ data centres and in the cloud. We also provide structured modernisation programmes to consolidate and upgrade existing database environments.

Northdoor holds the highest available technical certifications from the leading vendors of enterprise data management software, backed by expert in-house consulting and architecture services.


Key Data and Analytics Offerings


Data Warehousing  
Aggregate, cleanse and prepare structured and unstructured data for reporting and analytics, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Business Intelligence 
Gain rapid insight into current business performance, putting fast, personalised reporting at the fingertips of business users.

Plan for future success through sophisticated analysis of data, and build detailed models to help predict future performance.

Data Platform Modernisation and Management 
Rationalise and consolidate existing databases, marts and warehouses for higher performance, enhanced security and reduced costs.