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Alton Barnes White Horse

Great job gang! 👏👏🐎

Posted by BBC Wiltshire on Friday, 16 August 2019


Northdoor are proud to have sponsored one of our employees Rob Sutherland on a project to re-chalk one of the iconic Wiltshire White Horse’s located at Alton Barnes near Rob’s home.

 Rob’s daughter (Molly, Year 6) and son (William, Year 4) attend Woodborough Primary School, and on a car journey they came up with the idea of re-chalking the White Horse to mark the leaving of the Year 6 students, and to thank the local community that had supported them throughout their time at the school.

So the challenge was set to restore the monument to its original pristine white condition before the end of the school term.  With the assistance of;

 And a band of (International) Volunteers created by publicity from the BBC (Online, Radio and TV), ITV, Spire FM and Visit Pewsey Vale, the White Horse was successfully re-chalked, much to the delight of the Woodborough School students and Staff, and wider community.  

Northdoor is delighted to have sponsored this amazing community project, and support Rob Sutherland’s family and community in this historical event.