How the Charity, NFP and Public sectors can improve services and increase the likelihood of securing more funding using Data Analytics

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Event:  Increase the likelihood of securing funding using Data Analytics

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With the steady rise of the use of data analytics and business intelligence tools within the charity and not for profit sector, organisations can now utilise the data that they collect and store to better understand the strength and weaknesses of their service delivery. This information can then be used to change process where necessary to:

  • Manage performance
  • Retain and win contracts
  • Demonstrate effectiveness in services
  • Evidence compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Implement effective risk management

As a charity or not for profit organisation it has always been essential to ensure that Services are delivered as cost effectively as possible, by maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of staff and technology. The significant rise in performance related funding and increased compliance demand is forcing organisations to review traditional internal processes to enable performance demonstration to increase future funding allocation likelihood, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising risk.

Funders and grant issuers alike are becoming less satisfied with traditional trust based results and are requesting detailed performance reports resulting in the withdrawal of contracts or grants and the transfer of those to competitors, where results are poor.

Join James Cherry, CTO of Northdoor and Richard Vine, Project Manager of Addaction to hear how organisations are using data analytics to address these challenges, whilst finding cost savings by changing process, via the use of improved technology.

Who should attend:

CEOs and Senior Managers working in the Charity or Not for Profit sector who have a leading role in obtaining funding, reviewing and sharing organisational results and improving decision making processes via data analytics.

Meet the speakers:

James Cherry
Chief Technology Officer, Northdoor

James Cherry is Chief Technology Officer at Northdoor and is passionate about delivering digital transformation by leveraging cloud architecture. He has designed and architected enterprise solutions within the NFP and Public sector and ensures our clients benefit from technology evolution.


Richard Vine
Project Manager, Addaction

Richard Vine has been an IT professional for over 20 years delivering projects primarily in the financial services and public sectors. He has spent the most part of the last 7 years delivering Management Information and Business Intelligence projects to improve service delivery. His latest project is for a charity in the health sector.

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