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IAB Europe expecting to be found in violation of GDPR

The Belgian Data Protection Authority is reportedly close to finalising a draft ruling on its investigation into IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework.

Amazon fined record €746 million (£636m) for alleged data law breach under GDPR rules

The fine is unprecedented: it’s the biggest GDPR fine issued to date and is more than double the amount of every other GDPR fine combined.

How data discovery platforms are vital to protect your high-value data

Searching for sensitive unstructured data across the entire digital estate is a significant requirement to meet both contractual and compliance obligations

Key considerations for businesses to safeguard their data - Third Party Risk

A checklist and some key considerations for businesses to secure data against third party risk under the General Data Potection Regulation.

Digging up the dirt on data discovery

The blog introduces GeoLang’s Ascema Platform for Sensitive Data Discovery and the joint GeoLang-Northdoor service offering.


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