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The value of DataOps – transforming critical data into prized insights

A clear DataOps strategy can provide valuable commercial benefits. Here’s how you can get more from your organisation’s critical data with DataOps.

Getting the data insights you need to rapidly make effective decisions

Uncovering quality data insights promotes commercial growth and improves decision-making. See how getting a handle on data management means better business.

Green IT and Covid-19 will continue to dominate the IT sector in 2021

Neil Taylor, Senior Consultant at Northdoor PLC shares his predictions for technology in 2021, including hybrid workforces and the drive for green IT.

Six rules for gaining insight in the digital economy

The typical pitfalls encountered during conventional data warehouse projects & the six golden rules for avoiding them and achieving a successful deployment.

Data warehouses done the right way

A blog post on the advantages of a proven, packaged, highly automated approach to designing and deploying a data warehouse.


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