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Is IBM Power holding back your migration to the cloud?

An optimised way to move IBM Power workloads to the cloud: Northdoor and Skytap accelerate migrations and reduce risk

Top Enterprise IT Trends for 2022

Skill shortages, rising cyber threats, increasing regulation, cloud and AI will all be on the agenda in 2022.

Skytap: keep your IBM Power workloads running optimally

No more worries about finding and retaining skilled operatives for IBM Power: migrate your Power applications to run natively in the cloud with Skytap and Northdoor

Gain complete visibility of cyber security across your hybrid-cloud landscape

Gain real-time security analytics & cyber threat intelligence across your whole organisation with a cloud-native cybersecurity solution.

Exchange hack highlights need for companies to ensure regular server patching and updates

The Exchange hack, which has the potential to impact so many companies is now being exploited by multiple hacking gangs. The only way to ensure that you are secure is to implement the patch.


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