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Exchange hack highlights need for companies to ensure regular server patching and updates

The Exchange hack, which has the potential to impact so many companies is now being exploited by multiple hacking gangs. The only way to ensure that you are secure is to implement the patch.

Introducing SQL Server 2019

Expect Microsoft SQL Server 2019 to be easier to administer and manage, be more secure, have improved programmability and run faster than previous versions

How we took Northdoor to the cloud without interrupting services

Northdoor transferred Its technical infrastructure to a dual UK-Region deployment of azure through a secure virtual private LAN service.

NHS Data Estate Modernisation

This modernised environment is more compliant, secure, reliable and efficient, as well as easier to manage – all of which drives ongoing cost savings.

Runner up Worldwide 2018 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Northdoor is a finalist in the 2018 Microsoft Data Estate Modernisation Award and has distinguished itself as a top partner exemplifying the remarkable expertise and innovation in the Microsoft…[ ]


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