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Latest hacks suggest 2021 will see increased cyber-criminal activity

Northdoor comment: Companies have to fight back with proactivity and the latest innovative solutions to prevent theft of sensitive data.

The public sector must look towards best practice policy among staff for the management of sensitive data

The public sector needs to establish a best practice policy among staff for the management of data that may be shared with other people and organisations

As the deal with Huawei is scrapped, the importance of maintaining a secure supply chain is back in the spotlight

Northdoor comment: UK Gov has order the removal of Huawei equipment by 2025, the importance of checking your supply chain for security risks is highlighted

25% increase in Ransomware attacks during COVID-19 crisis

Read AJ Thompson’s commentary on how companies must ensure they’re prepared for a ransomware attack during these unprecedented times.

Third-party cyber risks during periods of business disruption

When your suppliers’ business continuity plans kick into action, it’s vital to ensure your data is still protected.


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