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Migration, Management & Modernisation of Legacy Applications

Legacy applications still play critical roles in enterprises and represent a significant sunk investment. Even when their functionality and performance no longer match user expectations or business requirements, their shortcomings are often overlooked and worked around. It may be considered too risky or disruptive to attempt to modernise them, or the enterprise may no longer have the appropriate skills in-house. On the other hand, ensuring adequate ongoing support is likely to become harder and more costly over time, meaning there is a growing risk in not modernising legacy apps.

By engaging Northdoor to modernise, migrate and potentially manage your legacy software, you can reduce long-term risk, cut costs, free up valued resources to focus on new initiatives, increase your agility, improve security and enhance your ability to connect with partners and customers. Northdoor can advise you on a broad spectrum of options, from refactoring in-house code to migrating to a new fully-managed cloud-based platform.

Business-focused approach

In addition to ensuring easily-accessible future support for your environment, refreshing your legacy apps is an opportunity to operate more efficiently. Northdoor helps enterprises not only with the technical detail of re-writing code and migrating platforms, but also with reimagining what existing software can do for the business. As we help companies to transform their operations for a digital future, we are able to integrate new approaches such as machine learning to augment the capabilities of legacy systems.

Our approach to legacy migration and management starts from a review of your existing software assets, data, business processes and future expectations. Whether you ultimately choose to re-factor, re-platform, re-host, re-architect, or retire and replace existing apps, we will help you determine the best route based on your business priorities. We will also advise on the applicability of cloud migration to your individual scenario, always considering the potential impact on performance, availability, cost, security and data protection.

Finally, where data-retention regulations are in force, we can help you find and archive the relevant data including all of the business context.

Six steps to Legacy Application Modernisation

Northdoor’s structured consultancy process around legacy migration and management moves through six distinct phases. We begin by analysing your existing technology against industry standards and business expectations. Next, we assess your applications against six key criteria: technological conformance, architectural conformance, support requirements, functional fit, volatility, and business significance.

We subsequently consider management options, before turning to strategies around support, and we then create a complete costed management plan that addresses software supply, training, skills resourcing and support contracts. Finally, we implement the planned legacy modernisation, working through a structured plan that ensures rigorous preparation, business commitment, and tight control over costs and timelines.

Our key objective is to ensure that the future environment – regardless of how it is delivered in technology terms – matches what the business wants to achieve.

Why choose Northdoor?

When it comes to modernising, migrating and/or managing legacy software, Northdoor has both the technical acumen and the business experience to help you achieve your business objectives. Backed by 30 years of serving blue-chip enterprises in the City of London, we understand the characteristics of successful applications and we have extremely robust methodologies for defining requirements, testing the feasibility of proposed solutions, and creating viable transformation plans. We also have extensive experience of maintaining and managing legacy code on multiple different platforms, combined with deep skills in low-risk, non-disruptive migration and in the latest cloud platforms.

Northdoor has a long track record of success in delivering large, complex projects for enterprise clients and in providing ongoing support and managed services. All of our projects are rigorously controlled and governed, but we also have a reputation for flexible engagements that enable our clients to solve their challenges rapidly and cost-effectively. We maintain technical and commercial relationships with multiple global vendors and so we are able to provide independent advice and recommendations.

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“As well as ensuring the smooth migration of more than 100 websites to the Azure cloud, Northdoor refined and polished our architecture, and updated our software to the latest versions.”

Colin Robinson - Head of ICT, Best Western GB
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"Northdoor’s domain expertise in IBM infrastructure was instrumental to the development of ABRSM’s core business application"

Julie White - Application Development Manager
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"Northdoor helped us to clearly understand what our migration options are from a SQL Server environment design and licensing perspective. Their work has helped us to minimise costs"

Garry Tatton - Asst Dir. of Operations
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Our new fully managed MS Azure environment enables the business to be much more agile in a challenging market. Our staff can work anywhere knowing they have a secure reliable service.

John Noble - Partner