Redefining Cyber Resilience

Combating the rising threat of cyberattacks with comprehensive storage solutions.

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Cyber resilience redefined with IBM FlashSytem

Businesses today rely heavily on data to drive their operations and make informed decisions. However, the reliance on data also makes them vulnerable to interruptions that can come in many forms, such as human error, natural disasters, and malicious attacks. The financial impact of data breaches is at an all-time high, making it imperative for companies to adopt a multi-layered strategy for data and cyber resilience. This strategy must ensure that their data and operations remain uninterrupted in the face of any eventuality.

Cyber threats are a persistent and increasing danger

Despite implementing measures for detection and prevention, there’s still a chance that an attacker might breach your defences.

Embrace a mindset of incident preparation with IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault solution at your aid. It optimises cyberattack detection and recovery, offering performance, affordability, dependability and consistent data services in hybrid cloud environments.

Maximising protection against ransomware

Cyber threats are a constant and rapidly growing threat. You have taken measures to detect and prevent attacks, but the possibility remains that an attacker could get through your defences.

Learn how IBM Storage and IBM Security Ransomware solutions can help prevent you and your data from becoming the next ransomware victim.

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Boosting cyber resilience with IBM Storage solutions: an insight from ESG White Paper

Achieve cyber resilience for your critical data assets with IBM Storage Solutions. These solutions are equipped with features that allow quick response and recovery during ransomware or other cyberattacks. Read the ESG white paper to discover how Northdoor plc and IBM Storage can benefit your organisation.

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Mitigating financial losses from Cyberattacks with IBM FlashSystem and IBM Security QRadar

As cyberattacks cause increasing financial damage, improving threat detection is crucial.

Discover through this solution brief how IBM FlashSystem storage and IBM Security QRadar’s Safeguarded Copy can enhance your detection capabilities.

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Data Storage Assessment Offer from Northdoor

Optimise the cost, performance and operational efficiency of your data storage infrastructure with a free Data Storage Assessment from Northdoor


Cyber Recovery and Cyber Resilience

Protect and isolate critical data from ransomware with sophisticated air-gapped immutable backups from Northdoor plc


IBM FlashSystem family

Northdoor offers the full range of IBM FlashSystem storage, helping businesses boost performance and flexibility while cutting costs.

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