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Northdoor has expertise in data migration, from design and implementation through to the management of complete projects.

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Expertise in data migration and management

Northdoor has three decades of experience in implementing reliable, repeatable data migration projects on time and on budget. Our projects have supported high-profile business divestments and acquisitions, as well as providing business-change programs for clients going through significant changes to IT systems.

Why Northdoor?

Northdoor has extensive data migration experience, from design and implementation through to the management of complete projects. Our consultants have:

  • A thorough understanding of the Northdoor Migration methodology used in many successful migrations
  • Business analysis skills to be able to understand business and data issues
  • Strong technical skills to be able to implement the process
  • Ability to take responsibility for issues to ensure the migration moves forward effectively
  • Strong communication skills to ensure the migration work is moving ahead in line with business expectations, or to provide clear communication if major hurdles are encountered so that the business can help find the best way forward.

Moreover, Northdoor has performed many large and complex data migrations. As a result, we have developed a highly effective methodology based on our experiences of successful migrations.

Learn how we helped Insurance Management Services Limited:

Data migration is a much maligned activity in the IT world, often due to insufficient consideration and planning being given to projects, resulting in poor quality conversions which limit the business benefits derived from any new system implementation.

Our proven methods are based around tools and techniques developed to ensure that we have the highest possible data quality in the target systems. For us, the key attributes of each and every migration are based on:

  • Acquiring a strong understanding of source and target systems
  • Creating a repeatable migration process (multiple cycles)
  • Building through an iterative approach delivered by data domain
  • Ensuring the migration of business processes as well as data
  • Proving that target systems function correctly with migrated data
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