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When data sources exist as disparate silos of information, it’s hard to gain an integrated, complete view of your business. Data federation provides a cost-effective way to increase visibility across lines of business. IBM InfoSphere Federation Server, part of the IBM InfoSphere portfolio, federates data from diverse sources, such as the mainframe, relational data sources, message queues, Web services, and files.

Leveraging consolidated information increases ROI. In an SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) environment, for example, information can be requested from a virtualised data services layer for a single, unified view. Federated data in the data warehouse can be easily accessed, thus providing a complete, consolidated view of your business. Virtualised real-time access to disparate data sources can increase business visibility to help ensure continued cost savings in any economic climate.

IBM Infosphere Federation Server

IBM® InfoSphere® Federation Server creates a consolidated view of your data to support key business processes and decisions and allows you to access and integrate diverse data and content sources as if they were a single resource – regardless of where the information resides.