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Complexity can work its way into any IT infrastructure, driven by the rollout of new applications and unanticipated change. However, adding servers in response to each demand for new workloads drives the need for more datacenter space, power, cooling, network cabling, data storage and administrative resources. Such complexity leads to inefficiency. The answer is virtualisation, which allows organisations to consolidate multiple operating systems and software stacks on a single platform.

x86 Server Virtualisation

Today’s x86 server technology has reached new levels of computing capacity, with more processor cores, more memory, and faster I/O. To harness these capacities more efficiently, VMware® vSphere Hypervisor can virtualise physical servers, storage, and networking, allowing multiple operating systems and their applications to run independently in virtual machines while sharing physical resources. VMware virtualisation together with VMWare vCenter Site Recovery Manager can help you:

VMware vSphere delivers uncompromised control over all IT resources with the highest efficiency and choice in the industry. With over 250,000 customers worldwide, VMware vSphere is the trusted platform for any application.

IBM Power Systems Virtualisation

PowerVM™ provides the industrial-strength virtualisation solution for IBM Power Systems servers and blades. Based on more than a decade of evolution and innovation, PowerVM represents the state of the art in enterprise virtualisation and is broadly deployed in production environments worldwide by most Power Systems owners. PowerVM provides a secure and scalable server virtualisation environment for AIX, i (“AS/400”, “iSeries”) and Linux applications built upon the advanced RAS (reliability, availability, and serviceability) features and leading performance of the Power Systems platform.

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