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Extend your advantage

To maintain your competitive edge in a fast moving world, your organisation must securely, reliably and efficiently process growing volumes of data – not only to support core business activities but also to deliver insight for better decision-making. You need systems that are highly optimised, secure, and able to adapt to new requirements as they emerge.

The latest IBM Power Systems servers, featuring IBM POWER9 processors, continue to lead the market in terms of their performance, scalability, security and cost-efficiency. For organisations upgrading from the previous generation, the same transactional performance is achievable in less than half the physical footprint – so you can shrink and simplify your infrastructure. And with improved per-core performance, the latest Power servers can cut your software licensing costs.

Consolidate for success

Power Systems continues to support up to three different operating systems simultaneously – IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux (both big-endian and little-endian) – running on the powerful and highly mature IBM PowerVM hypervisor. PowerVM enables multiple virtual environments to run efficiently and in complete isolation from each other on the same physical hardware, seamlessly flexing resources up and down to match your changing business objectives. These capabilities mean that you can consolidate multiple mission-critical systems to a single Power server without concerns about security, availability or performance.

Unlock the value of data

The POWER9 architecture is ideally suited for the demands of big data, providing 2X performance per core, 6-9.5X CPU to Accelerator bandwidth and 1.8X more memory bandwidth than x86 processors. Innovations such as CAPI can enable order-of-magnitude improvements in analytics and machine learning, and open-source analytical tools really excel on the platform.

Reinforce your business

For mission-critical workloads running on AIX, i or Power Linux, where even short periods of downtime are unacceptable, Power Systems continues to offer exceptional stability and resilience. With the optional IBM PowerHA software, you can create high-availability clusters spanning different locations for the ultimate reassurance that your core systems will be available at all times.


Designed specifically for enterprise AI – but also ideal for supporting traditional IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux workloads – POWER9 is the only processor with state-of-the-art I/O subsystem technology, including next-generation NVIDIA NVLink, PCIe Gen4, and OpenCAPI, technologies that maximise data bandwidth across the entire system stack.

Power HA for IBM i

Dependable IT infrastructure has never been more vital. For the systems that support core business activities – sales, finance, communications, logistics, and so on – even brief outages can create enormous disruption to the organisation and damage to the brand. In a world where customers and partners may be online around the clock, and where interconnected global financial markets never sleep, losing the ability to transact business even for a few minutes could be disastrous.

External Storage for IBM i

Using internal disk storage for IBM i environments on IBM Power Systems certainly has advantages. It is simpler to have a single box for both processing and storage, and data transfer is extremely fast. So what are the key benefits of moving to external disk instead? In a nutshell, you’ll gain a dedicated, specialised platform for storing data that will provide more built-in functionality and easier expansion. Any storage capacity you deploy in an external array can also be shared with other servers, both within your Power landscape and in your distributed landscape. This means that you can invest in new capacity with more confidence and less risk of obsolescence.


Northdoor had the technical skills to recognise that we could solve our performance issues in a more targeted and cost-efficient way by refreshing the storage elements.”

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"Northdoor brought professionalism and commitment to Paragon’s Power Systems upgrade project, and made sure we got the job done.”

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Why Northdoor?

Northdoor plc is a Platinum level IBM Business Partner recognised as a Specialist for IBM Power Systems and Expert for IBM Storage product families. Recognised by IBM as a Centre of Technical Excellence for IBM Hardware, Northdoor has deep skills in IBM AIX, IBM i and Linux for IBM Power Systems. We are also experts in storage sizing and configuration, and in providing high-availability and business continuity solutions based on IBM PowerHA.

Whether you are seeking to update and consolidate your existing Power Systems landscape, extend your footprint into the cloud, or bring new analytics workloads over from inefficient x86 server farms, Northdoor has the technical skills and successful track-record to help. We can also provide Managed Services for IBM Power Systems.

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