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With the GDPR in force, public-sector organisations are under extreme pressure to ensure that they correctly manage personal data on employees, suppliers and citizens. The penalties for non-compliance can be severe, combining heavy fines with potential reputational damage and public censure.

With expertise in every aspect of data management and protection, Northdoor helps public-sector organisations of all sizes protect sensitive data while keeping it available for authorised users. And because Northdoor is an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 12 list, you can procure our services rapidly, transparently and cost-effectively.

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Northdoor data management services on G-Cloud 12: get a price quote today

If your organisation is struggling with data protection, or if you simply want to optimise the governance of your data, Northdoor can help. To find out more about our offerings and pricing on the G-Cloud Framework, visit  the G-Cloud 12 list, email us, complete the form here or call us on 020 7448 8500 to arrange a free initial consultation.

With seven approved solution offerings available on the G-Cloud 12 portal, Northdoor can help you:

  • Consolidate to a single golden copy of data for Test/Dev/DR requirements
  • Deploy, support and optimise Oracle Hyperion or IBM Cognos business-intelligence solutions
  • Mask/pseudonymise data securely, in an auditable manner, and at low cost
  • Discover, classify and protect personal and sensitive data.

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Why you should choose Northdoor for public sector data management services on G-Cloud 12

Data discovery, classification, management, protection and masking are all hot topics for public-sector organisations. Your organisation may have identified shortcomings that need to be addressed as soon as possible—ideally without a long, complex procurement cycle.

Working in partnership with Bramble Hub Limited, a thin-prime contractor that connects expert ICT companies with public-sector clients, Northdoor is helping public-sector organisations optimise for innovation, cost-savings and agility in data management.

As an approved supplier on the UK G-Cloud Digital Marketplace – created by the Crown Commercial Service Supplier to drive savings for the taxpayer and accelerate public procurement – Northdoor offers easy-to-access packaged solutions for public-sector organisations seeking to protect, anonymise and safeguard personal and sensitive data automatically.

As G-Cloud 12 can be used by any public-sector organisations – including central government, local government, health, education, devolved administrations, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit – without the need to undertake a full tender process, it can save you time and money.

Easy procurement, flexible terms, transparent pricing

Northdoor offers seven solutions through the G-Cloud 12 portal, backed by expert consulting, setup, migration, training, testing and ongoing support services. In all cases, you can access a clear summary of solution features and benefits, together with transparent pricing.

Actifio Data Consolidation makes it easy to create and manage a single, golden copy of each data set for Test, Dev and Disaster Recovery purposes, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Greater speed and efficiency in this area can help you to decrease costs by up to 30 percent.

Northdoor Cloud/Hybrid Consolidation provides clear cost-benefit assessments for moving existing on-premises systems to a public, private or hybrid cloud architecture. The benefits: greater speed and efficiency in deploying, operating, scaling and protecting systems.

Oracle Hyperion Application Software Support, Implementation and Consultancy transitions you from your existing contract, identifies gaps in coverage, and helps you to address them. Northdoor experts optimise your Oracle Hyperion applications for greater reliability and faster business decision-making.

IBM Cognos Application Software Support, Implementation and Consultancy transitions you from your existing contract, identifies gaps in coverage, and helps you address them. With automation of standard reporting and easier access to data via web-based dashboards, Northdoor helps you get the most out of your Cognos investments.

IBM Data Masking/Pseudonymisation Software & Support, Implementation and Consultancy transitions you from your existing contract, identifies gaps in coverage, and helps you to address them. With a full helpdesk, monitoring, and incident management, Northdoor ensures that your users can perform reliable data anonymisation.

Real-time masking/anonymisation of confidential personal data provides a complete solution for masking and sharing data with other departments, external partners, or offshore developers/integrators. With full table integrity for reversible masking, the Northdoor solution also provides a complete audit trail.

Ascema Data Loss Prevention, Data Discovery and Automated Classification protects and classifies sensitive information across enterprise applications, whether on-premises or in the cloud. The Northdoor solution helps you discover, classify and protect data in real time and at massive scale

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For over 30 years, Northdoor has worked with blue-chip enterprises and public-sector organisations of all sizes to manage, optimise and protect sensitive and personal data. Informed by deep knowledge of the GDPR and other data-protection legislation, we design, deploy and support solutions that help our clients manage their legal obligations seamlessly and cost-effectively.

As Northdoor is an approved supplier on the G-Cloud 12 portal, it’s easy for public-sector organisations to review and invest in our expert services and solutions.

Find out more about Northdoor’s data optimisation and protection solutions for public-sector organisations by visiting G-Cloud 12, by emailing us, by completing our contact form or by calling: 020 7448 8500.