Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Using proven methodologies and drawing on decades of experience, Northdoor can determine the optimal platform – whether on-premises or in the cloud – for each of your key business systems, and then help you migrate and manage them as appropriate.

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Hybrid Cloud Platform Migration and Modernisation

For most enterprises, running every system in the cloud is not viable: for reasons of security, latency or regulatory compliance, it is usually necessary to keep some IT infrastructure in-house. Northdoor offers structured readiness assessments for each workload to help enterprises determine which will benefit from migration to the cloud and which may need to remain on-premises. These assessments include projections of TCO benefits and any potential risk in migration – whether to a new platform in the cloud or a modernised platform in the existing data centre.

The goal is always to help you move your business-critical systems to platforms that require less maintenance and offer more sustainability. For example, moving to the latest version of a third-party software package running on modern hardware can significantly reduce your ongoing costs. Alternatively, choosing a platform-as-a-service offering will eliminate the time and effort associated with patching, while a full infrastructure-as-a-service offering means no more concerns about owning and operating hardware.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

To start the ball rolling, download our Cloud Readiness Assessment presentation.

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Optimisation and networking

In addition to helping you migrate to newer hardware and software – either on-premises or in the cloud – Northdoor optimises your architecture to maximise efficiency and security in data flows. Our background in serving blue chip organisations gives us a good understanding of the business priorities behind applications, helping us to design the most appropriate architecture for each enterprise’s needs. In most cases, this will be a hybrid cloud environment. As part of an infrastructure refresh, we can provide Infrastructure as Code solutions that accelerate provisioning, boost consistency and security, and cut IT administration costs.

With many companies today already using some elements of cloud-based infrastructure, one of Northdoor’s key objectives is to ensure reliable and secure network connections between on-premises and cloud resources. We can configure and manage dedicated, high-throughput connections to major public cloud providers, helping you to get the benefits of a hybrid architecture without compromise.

High availability, disaster recovery and backup

Northdoor designs resilience into hybrid cloud architectures from the ground up. For an experienced provider, setting up high-availability virtual environments in the cloud is easy. The greater challenge is in maintaining the required communications between cloud and on-premises resources. Northdoor has a specialist networking practice with deep experience of designing, deploying and managing the appropriate shared or dedicated wide-area network links.

Northdoor can help you configure a multi-site backup and recovery regime, combining technical know-how with an understanding of the relative importance of systems. We can also show you how a hybrid cloud environment can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of enterprise-class disaster recovery. This can include zero-risk DR tests to give you peace of mind at any time that your most critical assets are protected.

Hybrid Cloud Managed Services

In addition to infrastructure modernisation and migration projects, Northdoor offers a complete set of managed services tailored to each client’s unique requirements. We can take on as much or as little of the management burden as you need us to, from remote support through to full outsourcing of enterprise systems.

Northdoor consultants hold top-class technical certifications from leading cloud vendors, and have long experience of serving some of the biggest names in the City of London. Trusted to run highly critical systems by our clients, Northdoor consultants take the strain off your internal team, potentially covering niche skills that you lack the time or motivation to invest in. We can also augment your existing in-house capabilities, providing additional capacity as well as cover for leave or sickness.

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