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Using Mailock offerings from Northdoor, your company can harness end-to-end email encryption to guard against the regulatory, financial and reputational risks of cyber-attack.

Hacking into corporate and personal email accounts is big business for cyber criminals. In 2018, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center estimated losses resulting from compromised email accounts at a massive $12 billion.

It’s easy to see why email is such a tempting target. Businesses frequently use email to share highly sensitive information, including financial, personal and commercial data. Typically, information is sent as plaintext or in unencrypted attachments, which implies a wide range of attack vectors for criminals to choose from.

After compromising an email account, cyber criminals can use their access to extract personally identifiable information, bank account details or other forms of valuable data from their targets. Attackers can also intercept legitimate emails en route to their destination and make malicious changes—for example, by adding their own payment details in place of the sender’s.

Is email a compliance risk for your organisation?

For businesses, it is equally important to guard against the inappropriate use of email by employees and other authorised users inside the network. As well as helping to protect intellectual property, a secure approach to communications is an essential component of any mature regulatory compliance strategy.

Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the second Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) place stringent obligations on businesses to protect sensitive data. Failing to comply with these measures can result in high-profile enforcement action and substantial fines.

In many organisations, email is a kind of Wild West: a loosely governed frontier between the security of the corporate network and the dangers of the open internet. If you don’t provide a convenient way for employees to share information with external stakeholders securely, it will be extremely difficult to ensure that your compliance and data governance policies are being applied appropriately and consistently across the organisation.

End-to-end encryption for every email platform

To help businesses gain tight control over their communications, Northdoor offers Mailock from Beyond Encryption: an end-to-end email security solution. Using Mailock, employees can send fully encrypted emails from their existing email accounts. Mailock is available for desktop email clients and mobile apps, and even allows recipients who aren’t using the Mailock email security solution to receive and reply to encrypted messages.

Tightly integrated with today’s most widely used on-premises and cloud-based email platforms—including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Gmail—Mailock enables users to secure sensitive content with military-grade encryption. Designed with highly regulated industries in mind, this secure email service is also compatible with the Unipass Identity platform used by the UK’s financial services sector.

First-time Mailock email recipients are challenged to prove their identity by entering a user-created passphrase or a machine-generated one-time pass into a secure web portal. Afterwards, recipients become part of the sender’s secure community, and can access and reply to emails with full encryption from end-to-end.

Solve your email security, governance and compliance challenges

With Mailock from Northdoor, your business can solve the security, governance and compliance challenges associated with corporate email—without disrupting established working patterns. For example, employees can continue to save encrypted Mailock emails as plaintext messages in their email client, enabling them to find information in their mailbox quickly in the usual way.

Mailock offers a fully customisable business glossary, enabling administrators to define and detect terms associated with sensitive email content. If an employee attempts to send an unencrypted email that includes one of these terms, the solution prompts the user to review the message and activate encryption—a valuable additional line of defence against potential regulatory risks.

As well as defusing the threat of emails being intercepted by cyber attackers, Mailock reduces the risk of data breaches by enabling employees to revoke access to emails sent accidentally—even after they have left the outbox.

To learn how Mailock can help your business gain tight control of email security, contact Northdoor for a free consultation today.

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