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GDPR: Do you really need a Data Protection Officer?

As companies work to meet the 25th May 2018 deadline for GDPR compliance, they are finding that there is a market shortage of individuals trained to handle the DPO’s responsibilities. Outsourcing the DPO function will help your organisation address the compliance demands of the GDPR while staying focused on your core business activities.

What is Northdoor “DPO as a Service” (GDPR)

With this annual subscription service, you will be assigned a DPO who will serve as an independent data protection expert to your organisation as set out under the GDPR.

Northdoor can provide the following services:

How to tell if you need a Data Protection Officer

GDPR sets out just three cases in which you must appoint a DPO; does your business fall into these categories?

1. Your organisation is a public authority or body
In the UK, all government departments, agencies and other public bodies must appoint a DPO. This includes local councils: 15% of which have yet to appoint a DPO (ICO, March 2017).

2. Your core business activity is monitoring individuals regularly and systematically on a large scale
Surprisingly, this can include paying employees, providing standard IT support, email remarketing and location tracking through apps.

3. Your core business activity consists of processing large-scale special categories of personal data or data relating to criminal offences
GDPR defines ‘special categories of personal data’ as ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, physical and mental health (among others). If you process this type of data on a large scale, including data relating to criminal offences, you must appoint a DPO.

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