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Controlling sensitive data

Concerns about the security of sensitive data have grown in the light of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Organisations must prevent leaks from databases, data warehouses and Big Data environments, ensure the integrity of information, and automate compliance controls. The IBM Guardium security suite can make light work of these challenges, but not all organisations have the resources to deploy and run it.

IBM Guardium Managed Services

Investing in in-house support capabilities for all deployed technologies is likely to be economically unviable – and a distraction from the core business. Companies that wish to benefit from IBM Guardium can engage Northdoor to provide the technology as a fully managed service. Northdoor Managed Services for IBM Guardium provides access to expert monitoring and incident management within rigorous SLAs.

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Why Choose Northdoor

With Northdoor Managed Services providing support for their IBM Guardium environment, companies can improve their focus on the core business, secure in the knowledge that the underlying technology is monitored, maintained and protected.

Northdoor works to keep mission-critical business intelligence systems available and performing optimally at all times, while our economies of scale enable higher quality of service at lower costs than our clients could achieve with the equivalent in-house personnel.

To find out more about Northdoor’s Managed Services offering for IBM Guardium, read our guide below.

IBM Guardium – Managed Services Brochure 

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