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Improving Response with Orchestration and Automation

To effectively respond to today’s complex cyber attacks, security teams need to coordinate their people and technology throughout the entire incident response (IR) process. When IR orchestration is supported by automation, organisations can accelerate their response and make their IR team more intelligent.

Incident response orchestration and automation are the new standards in cyber security, and organisations are rapidly adopting this strategy. Bruce Schneier, CTO at IBM Resilient and Special Advisor at IBM Security, has been a big advocate for this shift.

In the video below, Bruce compares and contrasts orchestration and automation, and outlines how organisations can orchestrate response with an incident response platform.

Orchestrated Response: A Game-Changing Strategy

Incident response orchestration and automation are game-changing developments in cyber security – putting people in control and supporting them with the processes and tools they need to fuel dynamic and accelerated response.

An orchestration strategy allows for security teams to process incidents faster and more accurately. And by automating repetitive and menial tasks and delivering the right information to the right analyst at the right time, orchestration can significantly drive down Mean-Time-To-Response.

For more of Bruce’s thoughts on orchestration, read the Solution brief  Orchestrated Response: A Game-Changing Strategy. 

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