Protecting critical data in the multi-cloud age

16th August 2019BlogTom Richards

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Protecting data wherever it goes

Enterprises today typically have important data stored both on-premises and in multiple different private and public clouds. This tends to lead to a proliferation of different backup technologies, all of which require management and dedicated internal skills. Meanwhile, it becomes harder and harder to gain a single view and be confident that all critical data is being backed up correctly. Northdoor’s backup-as-a-service solutions – based on IBM Spectrum Protect technology – to remove the headaches, cost and complexity of managing enterprise data protection. Using AI-powered automation backed by Northdoor’s decades of expertise, the solution accelerates backup, boosts success, cuts costs and frees up IT personnel from low-level administration.


Cloudy future?

As organisations increasingly move workloads and data sets to the cloud, the complexity of ensuring effective protection for enterprise data is rising rapidly. Traditional on-premises tools for managing backup and recovery typically cannot extend to cover the cloud, so organisations will often end up with multiple solutions for protecting their data. This not only makes management difficult and costly, but it also stands in the way of a single, enterprise-wide view of the effectiveness of data protection. As a result, IT teams in typical organisations are dedicating more time and effort to backup, and yet they have less confidence that the most important information assets are fully protected.

If this all sounds painfully familiar, you may need to consider how things are likely to get worse before they get better. Forrester research from 2018 suggests that 86 percent of enterprises have adopted a multi-cloud strategy, while a report shows 84 percent of respondents using four or more clouds. The same report claims that public cloud adoption is three times higher than private cloud. If you are already struggling with understanding where and how your data is stored and protected, this may just be the thin end of the wedge.

Tough questions for a hybrid world

Wherever your critical data ends up – stored and backed up on-premises, stored on-premises and backed up to the cloud, or fully cloud-native – backup remains an essential function. As the number and variety of data sources grow, so does the complexity of ensuring that all important data is protected against loss or corruption. Backup has never been the simplest thing to manage because failed backup jobs are one of the most common items that keep IT managers awake at night. And as enterprises increasingly adopt a multi-cloud strategy, the challenge escalates quickly.

In this new “hybrid” world, how do you improve backup success rates while keeping costs down? How do you plan, monitor and manage backup sets across on-premises infrastructure, private clouds and public clouds? How do you define and update policies? In a nutshell: how can you be confident that your most important data is protected and can be rapidly and reliably recovered?

Taking the strain

The Northdoor backup-as-a-service offering to dramatically simplify enterprise data backup in a hybrid, multi-cloud world. Underpinned by IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) software, our analytics-driven, cloud-based solution manages backup and recovery from anywhere and to anywhere in a hybrid scenario. Northdoor has 30 years of experience in helping blue-chip companies protect their data, and we bring this knowledge to bear in defining policies, setting up backups and managing success rates for our clients.

With the Northdoor service, you can avoid large upfront costs while moving to a single, comprehensive backup and recovery solution for your entire IT infrastructure, both on-premises and in multiple different private and public clouds. Our clients report savings of between 50 and 70 percent in hardware and software costs versus their legacy backup arrangements, and backup success rates of up to 99 percent (versus the industry average of 60 percent).

Moving to a single managed service for backup will also limit the number of different internal skillsets you need to maintain, and enable application owners to treat backup as a utility they can simply consume without complex ongoing planning and monitoring. And with a consolidated web interface that provides detailed dashboards and reporting, you can easily gain a single, unified view of your backed-up data assets.

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